Dash 'n' Verve takeover - Power Burkas

So you all know Drums Eat Everything have exquisite musical taste, that's why you're here reading this. We at Dash 'n' Verve unashamedly nab their tunes to repost on our blog from time to time. Imagine our delight when we were asked to take over their blog for the week to share some of our top musical tidbits. Enjoy...

Power Burkas

Rip roaring guitar, drum, bass riffage. Think Drenge, punked up a bit and singing in Catalan.

We featured the title track to from Power Burka's album 'Llarga vida al taranna' (Long live the spirit) on D&V earlier this year.

Dash 'n Verve are taking over Drums Eat Everything all week. If you like what they do, connect with their Facebook & Twitter.