Noonie Bao - I'm In Love

She's already an established writer, with Charlie XCX's Doing It among her credits to date. I'm In Love is Stockholm singer songwriter Noonie Bao's first output since her 2012 Grammy Nominated debut album. Perfect pop music to cherish. 

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Jinja Safari - Find My Way

If Crystal Fighters and Passion Pit had a baby, he/she would be a little sunny indie dance-party hoot, like Find My Way by Sydney's Jinja Safari.

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Fickle Friends - Paris

Brighton four-piece Fickle Friends' latest is their best yet. Glorious.

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Ralph - Trouble

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Debut disco groove from Toronto's Ralph.

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Vérité & Misterwives - Live

Vérité & Misterwives 

Live | Islington Academy, London | 21 May 2015

London welcomed two New York acts for this sold out and hugely anticipated show, coming off the back of The Great Escape festival for Vérité and in the midsts of a European tour for the headliners, Misterwives.

Opening up to a slowly filling venue, Vérité's first couple of songs were more or less annihilated by poor sound and by the time some singing became audible, the flawless pop hooks and impeccable vocals of the hotly tipped singer songwriter carried the rest of the set. The show was a relentless, dynamic bombardment of immaculate singles which deserve far more exposure for an extremely talented artist who could, and should, go on to very big things.

If you came to every sold out show at this venue for the rest of the year you would struggle to find a more likeable and humble band than Misterwives. They're fun, slick, packed with glittery disco indie pop and fronted by a hyperactive sugar rush of a lead singer whose vocals never faltered, despite her relentless dancing. Nice to see a band genuinely touched by their support, too.

Keyes - Veins

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Debut track from 18 year old Warwickshire singer songwriter, Keyes.

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Frost - Dreaming

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Shades of Jon Hopkins with a stirring vocal on the enigmatic debut track from Australian producer; Frost.

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Jia Lih Remix, Adria - Falling

Perth producer v Perth singer. Australia wins this one.

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Jata - The Curse

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Pulsing, hypnotic debut track from Berlin's Jata.

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Honne - Top To Toe

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Honne can do no wrong.

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