Man Made - All Mine

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Manchester three-piece Man Made make glorious, skuzzy indie rock and All Mine sounds like of like a Mancunian Nirvana-Arcade Fire lovechild. Hot hot hot. 

Nick a free download if you sign up to their mailing list here.

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Honne - Live

Photo credit - The Paper Penguins


Live - The Sebright Arms, London – 24/11/2014

It’s fair to say that 2014 has been a pretty blistering year for London duo Honne, who emerged over the summer with Warm On A Cold Night, one of the standout debuts of the year. Fast forward a few months, a handful of soundcloud uploads and a whole bucket load of online excitement and suddenly their sold out first ever gig at The Sebright Arms is the place to be seen on a Monday night.

Having a three page long guest list and a basement venue rammed with industry reps and blaggers alike did result in a fair bit of chin stroking and cautious glances by the audience but to be fair to Honne, backed by a six piece band slicker than the post-2010 Gulf of Mexico, they took it in their relaxed, and admirably well bearded stride.

A softly-spoken marketing campaign, mass blog hysteria and a renowned east end venue packed with the capital's cool kids may have tended to suggest a band trotting out the next evolution of Somalian inflused-grime-punk, or whatever the next hot shit is going to be. Instead we got a polished, daytime radio 1 ready soulful R&B pop massage with funk, hooks, 3.5 minute songs with all the right bits in all the right places and a band which wouldn’t sound out of place supporting either Jessie Ware or Beyonce. They’ve got some serious tunes and they tore through them with a proficiency which vindicated the turn-out and suggested they're going to be on several of the excited attendee's new years tip lists. 

Perhaps their much-hyped rise to new music prominence hinted at a slightly more original take on popular music but nonetheless, one of the best new acts to emerge from the UK in 2014 can write damn good songs and play them very well. You can’t ask for too much more from your first year to be fair.

Jack Garratt - The Love You're Given

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The dynamics, melodies and production on The Love You're Given are absolutely stunning.

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Rae Morris - Under The Shadows

f Rae Morris

Paperwhite - Gold

Lush analogue dream-pop with just the right quantity of 80's from Brooklyn duo Paperwhite.

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Boots - I Run Roulette

f Boots

Disa - Sculpture

Bleak and desolate, intriguing and inviting, Sculpture from Reykjavik via Copenhagen singer Disa is this weeks absolute must listen. When those synths ramp up near the end too... damn.

f Disa  

XO ft Leo Kalyan - Pulling Me Under

Big house tune...

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Remi Miles - I Want You

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Impressive debut single from Virginia via Brighton new-soul singer; Remi Miles.

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Ravi Gunslinger - I Wanna Touch Your Hair

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Explosive, youthful zest wrapped in an offensive garage rock ribbon, thrown in your face with the distain you deserve for not knowing who Birmingham's Ravi Gunslinger is. 
To be fair, until DNNM declared this "the #1 best kept secret on soundcloud" I too was unenlightened but, alas, now we can all bathe in the pool of new musical discovery together.

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Virgo - Virgo

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Miami's Virgo has somehow managed to make a track which sounds relentless yet calm, thunderous yet dreamy and whilst instantly satisfying, Virgo is a song with enough depth to keep your finger on the repeat button. 

Naming your track after yourself is pretty unusual and perhaps it's the unashamed contradictions which makes this tune so fantastic. The juggernought of a bass line doesn't hurt though. Free download (!!!).

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Carlos Serano Remix, 2Pac vs Banks - Thugz Drowning

Time for something a little different. Free download.

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Great Pagans - So Pure

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Brighton four-piece Great Pagans have just released their debut album through Anti-Ghost Moon Records which features So Pure. With smokey, whirling, pulsating waves washing over some creative use of time signatures, it's definitely one to check out.

Via Hearty Vibes

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The Districts - 4th And Roebling

The Districts must already be the biggest export from the Pennsylvanian town of Lititz and for good reason. In what is perhaps their most exciting track to date, 4th And Roebling blends youthful vigour with the self assured confidence of a seasoned pro bringing down the curtain on their finest album.

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Nao - Good Girl

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Is it fair to call Nao the breakthrough artist of the year yet? Yet more impeccable pop music.

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One Bit - Won't Hold Back

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Tropical indie-house pop which sparkles and evokes memories of the recently deceased summer, One Bit continue to build on their recent Radio 1 success with more pulsing beats, killer hooks and a nonchalant coolness in Won't Hold Back.

f One Bit

Moons Of Mars, Free To Fly

Big fans of LA band Moons Of Mars over here, Free To Fly is the title track from their forthcoming EP, out in January 2015.

Moons Of Mars