Glass Animals - Zaba

Zaba is definitely one of the most keenly anticipated debut albums by a british band in a while, which is particularly curious considering the relative lack of mainstream media coverage they've had. Since Black Mambo snuck out onto the big bad interweb last year, Glass Animals have pretty much had the blogosphere in the palm of their hands with the blissfully unique, haunting and warped minimalism, rich textures and glossy production which should see them go stellar with the release of this impressive long player.

From start to finish, Zaba emanates ideas, oozing creativity with a relaxed confidence that sounds like this band probably “don’t do” sweat. A seductive, charming character laced with intrigue and mystery, the record calmly wraps its hands round your throat and with every passing track, tightens its grip, never breaking eye contact or altering its sly but reassuring grin.
There are beautiful sounds, breathy falsetto melodies, rich textures and some sweet twinkly bells but somehow they’ve maintained a very unique, dark moody edge to create a fascinating subtext.

One of the first signees to Paul Epworths Wolf Tone label, produced by frontman Dave Bayley in Epworth's London studio and with the grammy winning super producer acting as mentor, the band definitely reaped the rewards of a unique production leg-up. Talented bastards. 

Influenced by The Island of Dr Moreau. Inspired by Kanye West and Charles Darwin, ZABA is out now through Wolf Tone/Caroline International.