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Glass Animals - Zaba

Zaba is definitely one of the most keenly anticipated debut albums by a british band in a while, which is particularly curious considering the relative lack of mainstream media coverage they've had. Since Black Mambo snuck out onto the big bad interweb last year, Glass Animals have pretty much had the blogosphere in the palm of their hands with the blissfully unique, haunting and warped minimalism, rich textures and glossy production which should see them go stellar with the release of this impressive long player.

From start to finish, Zaba emanates ideas, oozing creativity with a relaxed confidence that sounds like this band probably “don’t do” sweat. A seductive, charming character laced with intrigue and mystery, the record calmly wraps its hands round your throat and with every passing track, tightens its grip, never breaking eye contact or altering its sly but reassuring grin.
There are beautiful sounds, breathy falsetto melodies, rich textures and some sweet twinkly bells but somehow they’ve maintained a very unique, dark moody edge to create a fascinating subtext.

One of the first signees to Paul Epworths Wolf Tone label, produced by frontman Dave Bayley in Epworth's London studio and with the grammy winning super producer acting as mentor, the band definitely reaped the rewards of a unique production leg-up. Talented bastards. 

Influenced by The Island of Dr Moreau. Inspired by Kanye West and Charles Darwin, ZABA is out now through Wolf Tone/Caroline International. 


Rich, textured, pulsating, melodic, cinematic, euphoric & Australian. Free download.

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Raleigh Ritchie - Birthday Girl

Described by Neon Gold as "... the UK’s answer to Frank Ocean basking in the California sun with The Neighbourhood" and who the hell are we to argue.

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Snakehips ft Sinead Harnett - Days With You

It's mid-June and finally the 'summer pop jam' box has been ticked. 
Much prefer this to No Other Way, their collaboration from a couple of weeks back.

Lizzo - Bus Passes And Happy Meals

[Record Of The Week]

A hypnotic drone of a beat with the smartest, sassiest lady boss punch that you're probably not equipped for, coming square at you like a freight train reminiscent of Nicki Minaj's verse on "Monster". Comparisons to Minaj are probably inevitable (and not unwarranted) but Houston's Lizzo's rhythms, variety of phrasing and humour remind me more of Tyler The Creator than anyone. I will never, ever tire of this. 

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A W E - Buy U A Drink

A W E  had a birthday and in a moment of celebratory weakness decided to give away a whole EP for free. Buy U A Drink, whilst plunging the somewhat contentious issue of text-type slang back into the lions den, is a fantastic, orange glowing summer jam, so wear Raybans, be awesome and download this song for free. Also, spell properly. 
Get the full EP right here.

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Cheatahs, The Swan

A nice, warm slice of 90's grunge reminisce to go with your apple pie. Positive stuff indeed.

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Lil Silva - Mabel

[Record Of The Week]

From the mystical guitar intro to the ambient and caramel-smooth vocals, percussive synths, pulsing bass, subtly fat drop.... this song just has everything.

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Luke Abbott - Free Migration

A shimmering electronic journey through creativity, space and time.

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Nao vs A. K. Paul - So Good

Two songs in and I'm not the only one completely hooked on Nao, partly due to the fact that So Good is so different to Back Porch whilst being no less enthralling. Jai Paul's brother and long time collaborator A. K. Paul steps out as an artist in his own right with this track too. Brilliant stuff.

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The Rosebuds, In My Teeth

The Rosebuds, with a little help from long time friends Justin Vernon (guitar & synths) and Matt McCaughan (drums) from Bon Iver and Sylvan Esso's Nick Sanborn (bass). Sweet melodies, free download.

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Hawk House - Chill Pill / Vulcan Grip

I've never been quite able to understand why but UK hip hop nearly always falls into one of two shameful pitfalls; sounding like a cheap, scally bottle of wkd in the park, further condemned to doom by a clear lack of anything resembling substance, or trying desperately hard to pretend to be from South Central Los Angeles and/or Brooklyn. Hawk House just get it, they know how to shit on both trap doors and the evidence is below. Exciting, trail blazing rap talent from London.

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Covers - The Automation

Leotards, free downloads and melodic indie rock. What more do you want?

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Fat White Family, Touch The Leather

Pell, Dollar Store

From New Orleans, Pell reminds me of a Childish Gambino type melodic, self aware emcee but with a big fat soul band behind him. 

t Pell

Thaddeus David ft T Spoon & Stewart Villain - Everything

Absolutely nailing the 90's west coast rap vibe. Can't get enough of this. Free download.

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Huias, Wooden Moon

Alt R&B x moody electronica from Gijon, España. Brilliant.

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Samuel Truth, Dragons

From New Zealand, bassy, free.

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Locke, We Are The Prey

|| From NYC || No info || No social media || Trippy || Free ||

Mad Ones, Leather Rug

[Hot New Stuff]

Thank god for Toronto's Mad Ones and this gloriously honest, grungy sea of energy and a video of a giddy dog just being awesome. One of the finds of the year so far and an absolutely timeless video. Love this.

Jack Garratt, Worry

[Record Of The Week ]

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Hoodlem, Old Friend

Strong electronic-warped-ambient-pop from Melbourne. I want to paint my walls with this glorious song.


Lucki Eck$, Count On Me

Chicago rapper Lucki Eck$ genuinely doesn't sound like anyone else. Nonchalant delivery and hazy, warped beats.

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