Nimmo And The Gauntletts, Jaded

Record Of The Week //

This video for Jaded just came out and in doing so brought to my attention this mind bendingly amazing track. Proper rich addictive synth pop to make you thankful for music from the London five piece who release this on 24th March 2014.

f Nimmo And The Gauntletts

Barnaby., Things We Could Do

Utterly transfixing, your boy from Southampton will have you sitting very still by the time this trickles out of your speakers after six of the most intensely captivating minutes music can provide you with.

f Barnaby.

The Knocks ft X Ambassadors, Comfortable

Twisted NSFW video, brilliant disco pop strut of a song.

Out through Neon Gold <--- go there for purchase info.

f The Knocks

Interview // Dustin Tebbutt

On the UK leg of his first international tour we put some questions to Sydney's Dustin Tebbutt, the man behind the excellent "The Breach" and one of Australia's most exciting new singer songwriters. If you missed our review last year, here's why you should be a fan:

"Dustin, you relocated to Sweden for a couple of years to write and record. Why Sweden? Any plans to relocate to write your next stuff?

I originally moved over with a group of friends I'd been writing with back in Melbourne, one of them was from Stockholm, and he had spoken a lot about the music scene there, It wasn't so much a plan, but I was ready to travel at the time. I think too, I've had a long standing fascination with those stark winter environments, I'd been dreaming of the Himalayas and trips down the Yukon in Canada for a while, and Scandinavia seemed to appeal to that side of me.  
I'd love to relocate again, but I don't know where yet.. Until then, I'm pretty happy writing in Sydney at the moment.

Australia has produced some phenomenal new artists over the last 12 months or so. Is there an excitement back home that you guys are running things right now?

Definitely, it's really great to see local artists breaking through into overseas territories, having these local role models is incredible, as they really help you shift the focus beyond our borders. I guess too, it's really cool to feel like you can contribute to the larger international culture that I think we can see evolving in the wake of the internet age. 

What music did you grow up listening to?

I listened to a lot of the Verve, I think Urban Hymns was the first C.D. I owned actually. That and this classical/flamenco guitarist named Slava Grigoryan, he had an album Called 'The Spirit Of Spain', I listened to that over and over when I was cooking dinner as a kid. Thats the stuff that got me into guitar really, and I ended up learning a lot of these pieces by ear. 

Will your upcoming US shows be your first in America? You must be excited about that, particularly playing the infamous Mercury Lounge.

Yeah, these shows are all firsts for me. And for sure, there are those special venues like the Mercury lounge that you get to play now and then that just have stories crawling through the walls, so definitely looking forward to that one! I haven't been to the states before either, so part of this trip is just about getting on the ground and checking the place out

Since you’ve been in England, how many times have you been asked about cricket?

Actually not at all so far! I think carrying a guitar around maybe gives you an excuse to be ale to avoid those conversations... 

Your three favourite tracks of the last 12 months?
The National - Demons
Bonobo - First Fires
Foy Vance -  The Joy of Nothing

Are you touring with a band?

No not his time around, I've just started working up the set with some guys back home, and it's been coming together really well so far, but it's just me this time around. 

Finally, we need your three favourite things about the UK so far, and your three biggest complaints...

The fashion
How friendly the train announcements are
The Weather 

The tap water is a bit sus"


Servant Jazz Quarters, London, UK - February 25th

Tivoli Spiegelbar, Utrecht, Netherlands - March 1st
Notting Hill Arts Club, London, UK - March 2nd
Communion @ Rockwood Music Hall, New York, NY - March 4th
Mercury Lounge, New York, NY - March 5th
Communion @ Underground Arts, Philadelphia, PA - March 6th
Hotel Cafe, Los Angeles, CA - March 7th
Lost Picnic - Centennial Park, Sydney, Australia - March 23rd



My Heart The Brave, Meditation One

Worth five and a half minutes of anyone's time. Particularly if you like Miike Snow.

Shura, Touch

London newcomer with an incredible, Blood Orange-esq heart breaking debut.

The Chainsmokers Remix - Bastille, Flaws

It's Saturday night bishes, and now everyone wants The Chainsmokers to remix their tracks. That up there is what happened when Bastille came knocking, this down below is what is probably going to send our favourite NYC producer duo into hyper space.

f The Chainsmokers

One Bit, Daydream

More great stuff from one of the UK's most exciting new dance duos. So hyped for these guys.

t One Bit

RKCB, Comatose

What an unbelievable first record to drop from nowhere. RKCB are a duo from LA. Via Dont'NeedNoMelody.

Hot New Stuff // Mother, Easy

From Brooklyn with very little information but very good music (via).

f Mother
t Mother

TCTS Remix - Shivum Sharma, Flicker

Been a bit short on dance music round here lately so here's some house from the very top drawer.

f Shivum Sharma

Smooth Remix - Sneakbo, Dr Who

If you're not already acquainted with Smooth, he's Slovenian and makes filthy drum n bass. And then THIS! (Sorry about the radio rip).

Glass Animals, Gooey

Record Of The Week //

The first singing to Paul Epworths's Wolf Tone label, Oxfordshire's Glass Animals are one of the most exciting new bands to break out of the UK in the last couple of years. Gooey is the latest in a string of blissful indie-electronica singles which suggest their debut album will be one of the best of the year.

Hot New Stuff // Moats, Absorb

Liverpool four piece Moats made a bit of noise recently when their Shipping Forecast gig was pulled and they decided to take everyone back to their place and do the whole thing at home. Absorb is a reminder of what indie bands could/should have been doing these last few years.

Toothace is from their album Singapore which you can get in a name-your-price deal on their bandcamp. If you want to be that guy who names £0 then you can but seriously man, this is great music.

f Moats

Bad Suns, Cardiac Arrest

Those drums are a dream, the melody is golden and the guitars sparkle like the mid day sun on the Pacific ocean. Ugh, this weather sucks.

f Bad Suns

Leo Kalyan, Temptation

Londoner Leo Kalyan enlisted the help of MNEK's backing vocal for his stunning summertime steady house gold. Early contender for BBQ jam of the summer.

Coasts, A Rush of Blood

Nobody does tropical indie like Coasts. What a bloody great band. Go see them on tour.

RÁJ, Let Me Love You

Holy moly has this guy has got a voice and a bag full of tunes. This latest track from LA's talented hat wearing 20 year old will make you cry tears of joy.


Royal Blood, Little Monster

Record Of The Week //

Premiered as Zane Lowe's 'Hottest Record In The World Right Now' just a few minutes ago, Royal Blood are sounding more and more like QOTSA's demonic successors with every track. Little Monster has balls bigger than Russia's contempt for equality.

Jack Garratt, I Couldn't Want You Anyway

This is a proper, proper song to introduce London's Jack Garratt. Reminiscent of Josef Salvat x Bon Iver, I Couldn't Want You Anyway has some boomy bass, strong, distant piano chords and a gorgeous, soulful vocal with falsetto to die for.

Andrea Remix - Rosie Lowe, Right Thing

The best song of 2013 gets a nut chillingly glitchy, shimmering-ghost of a remix from Parisian Andrea. He gave Me And Your Ghost the same treatment too. 

f Rosie Lowe

Oceaán, To Lose

Nestling your sparkling electronic nuggets of joy somewhere between Jai Paul and James Blake would do nicely for anyone. Manchester's Oceaán has created quite a stir.

To Lose is released on 31st March 2014 through Chess Club Records.

f Oceaán

4e, Swft

Record Of The Week //

Drops and beats and twizzly synths and effortless West Coast smoke blowing coolness. Oh, and a Taylor Swift sample. Slick, deep and dangerous combo.



Totally forgot to post this a while back. You might recognise that savage sound from Yeezus' Send It Up. Genius video.



North London's industrial indie pop five-piece I AM IN LOVE just dropped the 90's-tech-psych inspired video to their apocalyptic and sinister sounding debut single PROPOSAL, a snarling, alternative pop track for everyone else who cut their teeth on Bloc Party and Klaxons.

PROPOSAL is out on 3rd March 2014 through Label Fandango / Fierce Panda.


Bombay Bicycle Club, "So long, see you tomorrow" (Album)

North London four piece Bombay Bicycle Club release their fourth album "So long, see you tomorrow" on Monday 3rd February. But is it any bloody good? Well...


Produced by front man Jack Steadman in their own studio, this record is billed as their most personal to date and it definitely feels like a cohesive body of work. Usually that means something like "yeah that one song was sick so they made 12 versions of it and boom, album", not so with these cats. BBC have always stood out from their white kid guitar band contemporaries by being disgustingly creative and unpredictable whilst still finding the magic spot where songwriting craft and melody manage to stave off the attempts of arse slapping muso self indulgence. 

Lazily in/out of time bleeps, looped strings, sampled brass, rich keys, chorus "ooooooooohhhh"'s, hell, even Bollywood samples make an entrance. It's safe to say the spectrum of shades on this record are diverse and in keeping with the bands refusal to fall into the dark art of boring repetition which has encapsulated so many of their peers, well before album number four no less.

This is a lot of words for me (and someone's just farted on this train so I need to move carriages) so I'll wrap this up. Opener "Overdone" is a barn storming opening statement of almost Sgt Pepper proportions of audacity in the psych-indie Ferris wheel stakes, standout singles "Carry Me" and "Luna" are two of the best tracks Radio 1 will playlist all year whilst "It's alright now" hints at a Doves-like maturity. "Home by now" will confuse the shit out of you with its R&B influences/Alicia Keys like piano chops breaking into a majestic, expansive soundscape. "Whenever, Wherever" is sadly not a Shakira cover but it will soundtrack your triumphant morning march to the office (pound those streets, reach for that coffee) while the sweetly plinky plonky title track brings the curtains down on the show with the understated, modest confidence and infectious invention that makes this band so damn consistent and relevant.

"So long, see you tomorrow" is out on Monday 3rd February through Island Records.