Free Music, Bitch

A slightly different approach to this weeks Free Music Friday feature, simply because there's so much amazing free stuff to share. So here's a playlist of some of the best stuff out there this week, in one post, all available to download for free via the player below. As it's basically six posts in one there's a shit load of text, sorry. Skip to the beats if you want.

First up is RL Grime, probably most notorious as the trap lord just dropped Because of U which still packs enough bass to make your tummy wobble around when it drops but this is a progressive, melodramatic and romantic take on what trap did next. Sweden's dnkl make dark and mysterious electro R&B pop, Hunt is an instantly enthralling and haunting diamond and if ambience and vibe are high on your shopping list you're going to want this tune.

ALECS is the solo project of London's Alex Treharne and Give It Up swings between minimal verses and a rasping bass synth driven chorus, adorned by intricately woven and catchy vocals. An exciting new talent. WORLDSTAR, the latest pre-album Childish Gambino track to be unveiled packs some deep, sadistic bass with a downright nasty beat, Mr Glovers sharp wit, speed, variety  and, ah just download it.

Gallant's Please is a couple of months old now but nonetheless it's rich, sexy, focussed and yet dreamy future-pop with grooves for days and moves that just won't quit. Finally, Cape Town's DANk has put together some pretty unique sounds to make something which resembles the end of the world; twisted, ominous and harsh but somehow the whole thing sounds so fresh, exciting and addictive that I think DANk may well be cooking the psychedelic-future-acid-trap-noire-crack of the music world.