Hot New Stuff // Mononoke, Alice

Not much is known about Mononoke other than that she's from Liverpool, she's a very good new pop singer who will inevitably be compared to Lana Del Rey and Lorde and this song Alice is the dogs nuts. Keep an eye on this one guys.

(Via NeonGold)

Childish Gambino, 3005

I wasn't going to post this because it's already everywhere but........ ah who cares, it's great. Childish Gambino.

Josef Salvat, Every Night

I've been following Josef Salvat's impressive rise since This Life dropped like a nail bomb earlier this year, Hustler was also great and I was impressed when I saw him at The Great Escape. No surprise then that Every Night is going down well in this particular part of town thanks to it's effortless charisma and silky yet honest vocals. A big 2014 is on the cards for this guy.

Gallant, Manhattan

Brand new cinematic falsetto soul from the proficient man of the moment Gallant, Manhattan is crying out for a slow motion, vintage filtered video. Beautiful stuff and a free download.

Kwabs, Last Stand (produced by SOHN)

Record Of The Week //

There are way too many positives to choose from in trying to describe this. It's masterfully produced by SOHN, impeccably sung by Kwabs and as for the song itself, all I'm saying is that Last Stand is DEFINITELY one of the standout tracks of 2013. Mind blowing.

Chelsea Lankes, GHOST

Gorgeous, rich soulful synth pop which breezes along thanks to Nashville's Chelsea Lankes' effortless, haunting vocals. It's good to hear a great singer actually being tasteful and singing the damn song. Download GHOST for free below.

Warpaint, Love Is To Die

There aren't many better ways to start the week than with the news that one of the most compelling, creative and damn right incredible bands in the world have just unveiled Love Is To Die, the enthralling first single from the forthcoming second (and self titled) Warpaint album. So good to have these ladies back. 

Vic Mensa, Hollywood LA

Kick back and let some laid back West Coast breeze in. 19 year old Chicago MC Vic Mensa nails the vibe on Hollywood LA, which also happens to be a free download so soak this up.

Glass Animals, Psylla

Glass Animals continue to unveil captivating, creative guitar art under the guidance of super producer Paul Epworth and the not-for-the-faint-hearted video for Psylla shows nature weaving beauty out of gore.

Hot New Stuff // Manou, Sadie

At only 16, London's talented Sophia Manou, aka Manou, has already been working with a big name producer PNUT on Sadie, the Dev Hynes/Solonge/Say Lou Lou/Laura Welsh type rich, retro, synth pop tune to whet our appetites. Really promising stuff.

Louis Futon, Dozing / Plastic

I'm not entirely sure that 'bumping electro drip crunk' is really a genre that's been coined as yet but if it were, Philly duo Louis Futon would be nailing the shit out of it with their savage drops and gut wrenching bass. Dozing and Plastic show why they're one of the hottest electro newcomers in America right now.

Double A-side Dozing / Plastic is released on 28th October 2013 through Terrorhythm Recordings. Pre-order here.

Hot New Stuff // Jax Jones, Go Deep

London house producer Jax Jones has recently joined Duke Dumont, Akron Fly and co in the Hardlivings stable of bang-on-point purveyors of high quality dance music. Go Deep shows the bounce and vibe which should see this slide onto Radio 1 pretty soon.

Free Music, Bitch

A slightly different approach to this weeks Free Music Friday feature, simply because there's so much amazing free stuff to share. So here's a playlist of some of the best stuff out there this week, in one post, all available to download for free via the player below. As it's basically six posts in one there's a shit load of text, sorry. Skip to the beats if you want.

First up is RL Grime, probably most notorious as the trap lord just dropped Because of U which still packs enough bass to make your tummy wobble around when it drops but this is a progressive, melodramatic and romantic take on what trap did next. Sweden's dnkl make dark and mysterious electro R&B pop, Hunt is an instantly enthralling and haunting diamond and if ambience and vibe are high on your shopping list you're going to want this tune.

ALECS is the solo project of London's Alex Treharne and Give It Up swings between minimal verses and a rasping bass synth driven chorus, adorned by intricately woven and catchy vocals. An exciting new talent. WORLDSTAR, the latest pre-album Childish Gambino track to be unveiled packs some deep, sadistic bass with a downright nasty beat, Mr Glovers sharp wit, speed, variety  and, ah just download it.

Gallant's Please is a couple of months old now but nonetheless it's rich, sexy, focussed and yet dreamy future-pop with grooves for days and moves that just won't quit. Finally, Cape Town's DANk has put together some pretty unique sounds to make something which resembles the end of the world; twisted, ominous and harsh but somehow the whole thing sounds so fresh, exciting and addictive that I think DANk may well be cooking the psychedelic-future-acid-trap-noire-crack of the music world.

Erik Hassle, Talk About It

Some sexy slow jam R&B with a shimmering beast of a groove, Erik Hassle's Talk About It comes from Stockholm with a leather jacket and bag full of melodies.

Wet, Wet (EP)

I'm not exactly at the cutting edge with this because I'm sure all of the more on point and self respecting new music blogs out there already shouted about this EP. But who cares, this blog only exists to share incredible music and this EP from one of the most exciting new bands of 2013 is incredible. Listen to it, get excited for their album and maybe next time I'll be more punctual. If you're not already acquainted; NYC's Wet, ladies and gents.

Wet, is out now through Neon Gold, purchase a digital copy here or a vinyl here.

Nothing But Thieves, Emergency

Emergency reminds me of Incubus' latter year obsessions with an arty Pink Floyd approach to alt pop/indie rock but with the creativity and unpredictability of Alt J. In the video, Southend four-piece Nothing But Thieves also show you how to un-eat an ice-cream. Love this.

Emergency is out now.

HANA B, Merry go round

If you like your indie bands packed with guts and creativity, and who the hell doesn't, then Turin via London four-piece HANA B will rock the shit out of your Tuesday with their outrageously infectious electro tinged Merry-go-round.

Merry go round is out now on Opera Music.

Astronomyy, Drivin Me Crazy

Record Of The Week //

Get some sexy guitar R&B surf pop into your Monday from Astronomyy. Can't stop playing this, sooooooooooo damn good.

Tove Lo, Out Of Mind

The tortured soul of Swedish singer songwriter Tove Lo scores another victory with more perfect electro pop from the Scandinavian embarrassment of riches. I know know how they keep doing it but they've produced another star here.

Cyril Hahn Remix - Sigur Rós, Rafstraumur

Cyril Hahn remixing Sigur Rós was never going to be anything other than stunning. Close your eyes and zone out to this.

James Vincent McMorrow, Cavalier

If this isn't the perfect Sunday afternoon jam then Jay Z is a dixie land drummer from Russia. Beautifully rich melodies from Irish singer songwriter James Vincent McMorrow. His second album Post Tropical lands in January 2014, pre-order Cavalier below.

Hot New Stuff // Tara Caroseilli, Disco Lights

With one of the sweetest new tracks in a long time, London Tara Carosielli's Disco Lights deserves some serious attention. The infectious movement and solid beat are destined to get you nodding but the gorgeous melody and textures means this tune offers so much more than your average dance/R&B/pop tune. 

Movement, Us

Are Sydney trio Movement the next big Australian export to grace the mainstream airwaves? I hope so because Us is incredible and I want it to be E V E R Y W H E R E. So rich. Intense video too. One of the tracks of the year and definitely a band to get hyped about.

Us is out now through Modular.

Panama, Always

If, like me, you're new to the Panama party then welcome and thank goodness we found these Perth beauties in the end. Always is the glorious lead track from their new EP of the same name which you can get from their bandcamp for free for a limited time. If you dig that track then check out the rest of the EP, the Drive soundtrack inspired Destroyer is on repeat over here.

HAERTS, Hemiplegia

I somehow missed this a few days ago but my god am I happy I got there in the end. Hemiplegia, the title track to HAERTS' new EP is available for free below and I strongly suggest you get it because it's pure synth pop perfection from the New York five-piece.

R, Change

Warmly hushed vocals, punctuating electronic percussion, rich organ sounds and distant vocal shouts, Change is an enthralling debut single from the ungoogle-able R, an electro pop duo with some slick choreography in the video.

Jon Hopkins Remix - Daughter, Home

Attempting to add even more ambience and mournful beauty into a Daughter track is not for the faint hearted but Jon Hopkins manages it, letting the song breathe, adding to it and finishing us off with a heart wrenching dissipation of an ending. Incredible.

Live - No Ceremony///, Electrowerkz, London

Wednesday 9th October 2013

Due to the over familiar and ever infuriating transport system, we unfortunately missed the set from Salt Ashes, but made it just in time for the main support – Rainer. I knew little of the duo before the performance, and in truth I feel somewhat intrigued by them still. The pair delved into synth and sample infused electronica, fronted by the towering and beautiful 'Rebekah Raa', with beats from the more diminutive producer 'Casually Here'. It has to be said I enjoyed this performance, but it didn't come without it's quirks. Glitchy and sometimes intricate time signatures, married with haunting and engaging vocals, the set was difficult to get into at times. It seemed as though the crowd were waiting for that one song to elevate them into life, but unfortunately it never really emerged. I'd like to hear more production work from these guys before I make my final judgement. There is certainly potential, but maybe a three piece would be stronger.

So, on to the main event – No Ceremony ///.

I've been eager to catch this band live again, ever since I first laid eyes on them at The Great Escape festival in May. With this in mind, I turned up with an expectant crew, hotly anticipating a gig that would blow us away once again. And second time round, they were equally impressive.

By their standards, it was a fairly shy start from a band that have been picking up huge plaudits for a strong live show, but it didn't take them long to find their feet and start revving up the crowd. It's clear that they have been touring relentlessly of late, as they moved from song to song with a slickness of seasoned professionals, but with a likeability you might not expect from an act carrying the weight of a “buzz band”.

Without doubt, it's too soon in their career to ignore their biggest tunes. Nevertheless, I was still delighted to hear the catchy yet underground sounds of HURTLOVE and crowd pleaser FEELSOLOW. But even more impressive was their strength in depth, as the Manchester group kept the audience entranced from start to finish. A quick apology after their penultimate track (apparently a first live performance of the song) was the only give away that any mistakes may have crept in, but it was unnoticeable to the rest of us, who continued to enjoy an otherwise seamless set. At times where melodies were a little less defined, we were drawn in by cathartic walls of sound, following huge synth drops and piano hooks. Just how I like them.

There is a clear structure to many of their songs, with almost predictable (yet satisfying) electronic 4/4 beats, piano hooks and dreamy vocals, developing into something more expansive and hard hitting. Without the frills of a large scale lighting rig (which they deserve), they had the audience in the palm of their hand. This was an excellent gig, I only wish it had been a Friday night!

Review by Andy Chandler

Go here to read the No Ceremony /// album review.

Deidre & the Dark, Skeleton

Skeleton rolls along really nicely, beautiful vocal, rich sounds and then BAM, an amazing chorus smacks you on the nose. Love this tune from Brooklyn's Deidre & the Dark.

Gallant, Sirens

Record Of The Week //

Sirens is a full blown extravaganza of delicate falsetto, earth shaking kicks, spaciously bassy synths and chaotically shimmering textures. Gallant's best track to date is brilliantly produced by Felix Snow. Get it free below.

Kudos to P&P who premiered the track.

Hot New Stuff // My Heart The Brave, Keep Me From It

My word, where has Danish producer My Heart The Brave been hiding? Keep Me From It makes me both very excited about this new talent but also a little sad that Miike Snow didn't reached these heights more often on their last album. Great music, for the love of god listen to this song.

Thanks to Don't Need No Melody for yet another great tip.

HARTS, Leavin It All Behind

Start your week with a strut courtesy of HARTS, a funky Australian guitar maestro who's probably got the most infectious non-Daft Punk disco track of the year. Killer guitars, slick brass, melodies galore, smooth charisma and HAND CLAPS! Get funky now.

Apes & Horses, Seas

Parisian quartet Apes & Horses soar like a majestic, twinkling, magnificently self assured eagle on Seas, a roomy, romantic epic to destroy all non believers.

Seas features on the Bleu Nuit EP, available on 21st October through Cracki Records.

Santiago Street Machine, Spark (Album)

Manchester trio Santiago Street Machine released their long awaited debut album a couple of weeks ago and it packs the genre blending innovation and songwriting talent which made us fall for them in the first place. The bands anthemic, indie electro dance pop singles Holes, Sinking Stone and Noisemaker make for a blistering start and throw down a fat, melodic, beat and bass driven marker for the rest of the album.

As with the recently released No Ceremony/// album, the most striking thing about Spark is the unexpected dynamics throughout. The instrumental prog-house of Face Your Fear sits between the snarling indie rock bass growl of Dr Hoax and the ghostly, breathy ambience of Ethereal while closing track Feet Will Follow is a venture into the yearning, emotional depth and warmth not previously hinted at in any of the bands high octane festival ready singles.

One for fans of electronic music, indie music, pop music, good music; Spark delivers as big a sound as we've come to expect from Santiago Street Machine but with more depth, dynamics and creativity than we could have hoped for. Radio ready singles such as the outrageously infectious Sinking Stone sit within a coherent and considered explosion of excited energy. It's a quick, tricky young debutant with the experience and vision of a senior pro to make it all just work.

Spark is out now through Hijacker Records and is available to stream in full below.

NINA, We Are The Wild Ones

It takes a lot for an analogue, 80's tinged dreamy synth pop track to stand out in the post CHVRCHES era because everyone with a computer seems to be making it. All the more credit then to Berlin via London singer NINA who shimmies into view with the gorgeous We Are The Wild Ones.

We Are The Wild Ones is released on 25th November 2013 through Aztec Records.

Lenno Remix - Gentlemen Hall, Sail Into The Sun

If there's one track guaranteed to get you excited about it being FRIDAY NIGHT ALREADY then it's Finland's Lenno on the remix of Gentlemen Hall's Sail Into The Sun. Get it free below and blast the shit out of your speakers.

Dan Croll, Home

Home is a slightly different shade of what we've come to expect from Dan Croll to date, a calmly gliding country train with rich, harmonious steam cloud vocals. It's fair to say this is his least 'pop' offering so far and it will entrance you until the climatic end which also serves as a monumental set closer for his live shows. 

Home is released on 25th November 2013 through Deram.

The Chainsmokers Remix - BANKS, Change

Record Of The Week //

Everyone's favourite NYC remixologists The Chainsmokers continue a blistering 2013 with yet another on-point remix. This time they get all sexy and understated with a sultry BANKS jam. Like their soundcloud track and it's yours for free.

Ghost Loft Remix - RAJ, Ghost

Two of 2013's best west coast breakthroughers, Ghost Loft gets heavy with the mood on the remix of RAJ's sublime Ghost, our record of the week just a couple of weeks ago.

Romeo Testa, Let Me Go ft Jinx

LA's Romeo Testa could be the next major label super star in waiting but that doesn't make him dull. Let Me Go is a dark R n B infused pop tune featuring Jinx. One to watch.

Sticky Fingers, Freddy Crabs

Sydney band Sticky Fingers may not be winning in the name department but the all important sound points are certainly in the bag. This is kind of trippy psychedelic indie with an offbeat reggae undertone, the breeze of laid back surf swag, a ghostly phased guitar and a catchy chorus hook. An incredibly addictive and original mash-up, Freddy Crabs is fascinating and it just works.

Ben Khan, Eden

Soulful, experimental, ambient, electro, Jai Paul vibes in a sensual pop form, the boy Ben Khan killed it with this beaut. London wins again.

Hot New Stuff // Fractures, Cadence

Record Of The Week //

Swooning, dreamy warmth, Melbourne's Fractures has created something special with Cadence and when you hit 2 min 20 he really starts to shift through the heart-wrenching gears. It's beautiful and it's out now.

MTNS, Lost Track Of Time

Pulsing, rich synths, roomy guitars, a killer hook, rumbly bass and relentlessly driving hi hats, Brisbane's MTNS are doing gorgeous chilled electronic with an indie vibe and a big bag of great ideas. Love this.

Roosevelt, Elliot

A big favourite on this site, Roosevelt brings some deep Disclosure type bass bounce to his Washed Out school of rich house thinking, Elliot is an instantaneous success.

Elliot EP is out now through Greco-Roman and also features the excellent Sea.

Hot New Stuff // Royal Blood, Out Of The Black

They put out a storming tune earlier this summer which has subsequently been taken off-line (wtf guys) but Brighton's Royal Blood just threw the cat back amongst the pigeons with Out Of The Black, a riot of a rock duo kicking seven bells out of everything.

Out Of The Black is out now through Black Mammoth Records.