Rhodes, Raise Your Love EP

Rhodes has featured on this site a few times before, Run, the lead track from this Raise Your Love EP actually got some excited words only a couple of weeks ago. 

Dynamic songs, tenderly haunting vocals and delicately sweet guitar picking combine with choral backing vocals, fancy whooshing sounds and boomy drums to create dramatic soundscapes throughout this debut EP from Hitchin's hottest export. Worry, arguably the EP's standout track pulls on the heart strings as our hero worries about waking up, being visited and about it being too late (sorry, crap at interpreting lyrics) to a backing of atmospheric, sombre and rich textures.

Things take a more romantic backseat with Darker Side, where the strong vocal and dreamy guitar carry the song with some string orchestration and the now customary chorus expanse, which is so well done that it evokes imagery of some epic love story from a gladiator-era Wolfgang Petersen box office smash. 

Raise Your Love ties things up with the most positive vibe on the EP. The verse is a crouch-down-low-and-feel-the-build moment, the bridge shows the craft of Rhodes' songwriting ability as he effortlessly whips up the atmosphere to an ethereal climax of a chorus which deserves a field of crying enthusiasts to wave their arms in the air like they just don't care and, well, raise their love.

So, a brilliant collection of solid tracks from one of the UK's most promising singer songwriters to tie us over nicely until the album.

Raise Your Love EP is released on 28th October 2013 through Hometown Records.