Hot New Stuff // Sundara Karma, Freshbloom

It takes something pretty special to break the official policy of "For gods sake no blogging on a bastard Monday" upon which this website was built but Reading's young bucks Sundara Karma are special and dare I say it, they are going to be outrageously balls-out huge. Freshbloom is the sound of instantaneous, sun soaked victory.

Rhodes, Raise Your Love EP

Rhodes has featured on this site a few times before, Run, the lead track from this Raise Your Love EP actually got some excited words only a couple of weeks ago. 

Dynamic songs, tenderly haunting vocals and delicately sweet guitar picking combine with choral backing vocals, fancy whooshing sounds and boomy drums to create dramatic soundscapes throughout this debut EP from Hitchin's hottest export. Worry, arguably the EP's standout track pulls on the heart strings as our hero worries about waking up, being visited and about it being too late (sorry, crap at interpreting lyrics) to a backing of atmospheric, sombre and rich textures.

Things take a more romantic backseat with Darker Side, where the strong vocal and dreamy guitar carry the song with some string orchestration and the now customary chorus expanse, which is so well done that it evokes imagery of some epic love story from a gladiator-era Wolfgang Petersen box office smash. 

Raise Your Love ties things up with the most positive vibe on the EP. The verse is a crouch-down-low-and-feel-the-build moment, the bridge shows the craft of Rhodes' songwriting ability as he effortlessly whips up the atmosphere to an ethereal climax of a chorus which deserves a field of crying enthusiasts to wave their arms in the air like they just don't care and, well, raise their love.

So, a brilliant collection of solid tracks from one of the UK's most promising singer songwriters to tie us over nicely until the album.

Raise Your Love EP is released on 28th October 2013 through Hometown Records.

Motif Remix - Rudimental, Baby

So there's a Rudimental remix competition going on right now (stems are over here if you're interested) and Bristol's .Motif has smashed it. Slick deep house party mash up, brrrrrilliantly done.

Woman's Hour, Thunder

Silky smooth warmth with a building, dense intrigue, no this isn't a culinary description, it's Thunder, Woman's Hour's B-side...

... to the stunning Darkest Place.

Wilkinson ft Becky Hill, Afterglow

There isn't enough drum 'n bass on this site and although this track is already getting big radio support, it's being shoehorned in here because IT'S AMAZING. Great video too, a five year relationship in pictures and numbers. Wilkinson featuring Becky Hill errybody.

Mansions On The Moon, It's Not Too Late

LA based Mansions On The Moon have worked with N.E.R.D., toured with Mac Miller and had a mix tape produced by Dilpo. No surprise that they know what they're doing then, It's Not Too Late is the kind of down tempo, analogue electro banger that you want to soundtrack your instagram slideshow to. Big tune.


ALLUME is a 20 year old singer songwriter from Adelaide and Ghost is a haunting, minimalistic little ditty with bags of atmosphere and a disorientating sub, panning between your wobbly little ears. Free below:

Via Don't Need No Melody

Hot New Stuff // KHUSHI, Mapgie

If you like the beautiful, indie rock soul of the likes of Local Natives then London's KHUSHI are likely to float your boat. Magpie is thoughtful, deep, pretty and warm while all the time being sombre, sad and regretful. A gorgeous masterpiece.

Magpie is released on 7th October 2013 through Laissez Faire Club Records.

Cheatahs, Cut The Grass

I feel like everything's been a bit cosy and well produced lately and what's really needed is some scruffy converse's getting stuck to the floor, smoke stained tshirts under dirty overshirts, spilt whisky and bags and bags of nonchalant attitude. Cut The Grass /  Kenworth are a drunk and dizzy, punky let loose freak-out delivering just that. Thank you for mixing shit up Cheatahs.

The double A-side is released on 11th October 2013 through Wichita Recordings.

Hot New Stuff // Wet, No Lie

Record Of The Week //

Infectious, sparse, expertly charming R&B pop at it's absolute finest, No Lie WILL have you nodding in heart felt approval to it's hypnotic ambience the end. Brooklyn trio Wet have got me all excited, this is incredible music, the bestest thing in the world right now.

No Lie is taken from the Wet EP, released on 15th October 2013 through Neon Gold Records. Go here to pre-order a sexy 10".

Sky Ferriera, You're Not The One

Yes she got arrested recently, sure she's been questioned for being more of a model than a musician at times and maybe the major label hype machine really did go into overdrive too soon before an album was on the horizon. But it doesn't mean shit because Sky Ferriera had one of the best pop songs of 2012 and in You're Not The One she's got another beauty. The album drops on 29th October and everything else is irrelevant (and embarrassing. Sorry).

Lapalux, Without You (ft Kerry Leatham)

It's been kicking around for a few months now but still, if this doesn't break your heart then you're a stone cold bastard. Intense and wonderful music from Lapalux featuring Kerry Leatham.

Robinson, Superlove

Superlove has that big, rustic, American Cadillac sound, previously frequented by the likes of Tom Petty, more recently Arcade Fire and now in Worcester's Andy Robinson the genre gets a UK folk twist. Not the kind of stuff I usually go for but this just sounds great.

HudMo Remix - Jackson and His Computerband, Vista

I vaguely remember Dash n Verve declaring a while ago that Hudson Mohwake could do no wrong.  His output to date has been astonishing and this warm, hearty-meal of a remix for label mates 'Jackson and His Computerband' sits impeccably alongside previous HudMo, TNGHT, Yeezus and (shortly) Drake work. Not a bad CV he's building really.

Hot New Stuff // Clarence Clarity, Alive In The Septic Tank

This is very weird, in a twisted, warped, almost terrifying way. Alive In The Septic Tank is an explosion of creativity and genre bursting innovation and yet at its heart there's an amazing melody and, dare I say it, the heart of a pop gem beating away. No idea who this odd ball is/are, but Clarence Clarity is an interesting beast with an amazing tune.

St Lucia, Elevate EP

The debut album When The Night comes out on 8th October so to get us all excited St Lucia decided to give away Elevate EP for free, which features the title track and single of the year contender Elevate plus remixes from Passion Pit and Goldroom. For tips on what to do if your band gets evicted from your Brooklyn apartment, check out the official video for Elevate.

Download the Elevate EP for free courtesy of Noise Trade.

The Love Junkies, Maybelene

Rowdy, authoritative, let-loose indie-grunge-rock from Perth trio The Love Junkies, Maybelene is one hell of a marker to throw down. This is fierce with a huge chorus and I think these guys might mean business. 

JMSN, Walk Away

Detroit's JMSN is set to hit the road with Active Child soon and their collective skill of crafting emotional, electronic tear jearkers is set to have the whole of America sobbing to beautiful music like Walk Away.

Walk Away is out now through White Room Records.

Dems, Canvas World ft Claudie

London electronic three-piece dems have knocked together a pretty incredible bit of soulful, chilled electro featuring the gorgeous vocals of newcomer Claudie. If SBTRKT x Jessie Ware sounds good to you (i.e. if you have ears) you'll love this.

Thanks to ilovepie for the heads up.

Canvas World is released on 7th October 2013 through Killing Moon.

Great Good Fine Ok, You're The One For Me

Brooklyn's Great Good Fine Ok mix the synth pop nous of Passion Pit with  ASTR's progressive R&B influence to make a 80's sun drenched slice of bliss.

Shout out to NeonGold who premiered the track.

ANG LOW, Can't Describe Her

So much more than R&B, definitely not indie and probably too progressive to be pop, it's songs like Can't Describe Her which remind us all why genre labelling is bad, and why Brooklyn's ANG LOW is good. Very good actually. Free to download over here.

RAJ, Ghost

Record Of The Week //

With shades of The Neighbourhood and Josef Salvat, the brilliant Ghosts is packed with mood and mystery, an arty, moody indie rock take on clever pop. RAJ decided not to give anything away about himself because he wanted you to focus on the track. I'd better shut up then:

Free to download through soundcloud:

The Wytches, Beehive Queen

This came out a couple of months ago and I should have pulled my finger out before now but (... yawn... excuse) here we are. Great track from Brighton's doom surf rock trio The Wytches.

Beehive Queen is out now through Hate Hate Hate Records.

Hot New Stuff // Young Heel, Not A Name

Having recently played on Popgun Presents' dream bill with Kate Boy and ASTR, Brooklyn trio Young Heel fuse Washed Out's chilled ambience with R&B sexiness and are undoubtably one of NYC's most exciting unsigned bands out there.

Not A Name is out now through Sounds Appropriate.

Crystal Fighters, LA Calling

If Crystal Fighters lit up your summer festival season the way they did mine then you'll be all over this summer festival montage video for the impossibly sunny LA Calling. Total summer soundtrack.

Hot New Stuff // Darlia, Queen of Hearts

Blackpool trio Darlia are already making radio waves with Queen of Hearts, a big fat gritty rock and roll tune with charisma and attitude aplenty. Big thangs a comin'.

Queen of Hearts features on the Knock Knock EP which is released on 28th October 2013 through Ignition Records.

Mood Blanc, On The Radio

In a year that disco made it's come back in a big way, a bit of 80's infused analogue groove pop can't be far from what the retro thirsty public want, right? Sweden's Mood Blanc, ladies and gentlemen.

Until The Ribbon Breaks Remix - Lorde, Royals

The Lorde original of this now huge, global track kind of passed me by personally but the intensity of this remix by Cardiff via NYC's Until The Ribbon Breaks is undeniably FAT.

SOHN, Lessons

More incredible music from SOHN, Lessons draws you in with its hypnotic, swirling momentum and quietly builds to a climatic halt. His finest tune to date? Probably. 

ASTR, R U With Me

NYC's ASTR return with another example of how frighteningly well together they have gotten their shit, in a pretty short space of time. R U With Me boarders between R&B and synth pop with slick sounds enhancing a great song, these guys are just getting started and they're already incredible. Free download too.

Rhodes, Run

With his tenderly haunting vocals and delicate guitar picking, Rhodes' latest offering Run offers deep dynamics and passionate emotion from the talented young buck. 

Run features on the EP Raise Your Love which is released on 28th October 2013 through Hometown Records.

Coasts, Stay

I've got a massive soft spot for a guitar band who can use "traditional" band instruments creatively with good songwriting and powerful performances. Bristol band Coasts do the catchy indie pop thing better than most and Stay is their latest hook-fest.

Goldroom, Embrace

Sun drenched synth pop is the best thing to cast an illusion of an ever lasting summer and thanks to Goldroom and Embrace co-writter George Maple we have ourselves another excuse for such seasonal escapism. A warm sunny hug of a tune. An awesome hug at that.

This track along with the rest of the Embrace EP is available now.

Active Child, Subtle ft Mikky Ekko

Record Of The Week //

Active Child almost ventures into Justin Timberlake's funky pop field with this gorgeous, soulful cut which features leading man in waiting Mikky Ekko. Big pop tune, tango and cash horn stabs, slick harmonies and sweeeeeeet melodies. Love this.

Rapor EP is released on 22nd October 2013 through Vagrant Records.

BANKS, This Is What It Feels Like

Even with a snaking, intricately turkish sounding melody, BANKS manages to make it about the song and not a self indulgent warble-fest. This Is What It Feels Like continues the innovative and ambient R&B approach of her previous tracks, bringing bass and atmosphere in the same incredibly considered, creative, stylish and tasteful five minutes. Getting production skills from Lil Silva and Jamie Woon paid off in a big way too. What a talent.

London EP is out now through Harvest Records.

Laura Welsh, Undiscovered

Having already wowed us all with Cold Front and Unravel, Laura Welsh's star continues to rise with another excellent Dev Hynes collaboration. Expect her early-2014 debut album to be a stunner.

Sleigh Bells, Bitter Rivals

New Sleigh Bells is typically rawkus, big beats with grungy jagged edges and attitude to die for. Nice choreography too.

90 Pounds Of Pete, Promiseland

If you worship at the church of Passion Pit's school of catchy indie-rock-dance-pop then Chicago's questionably named 90 Pounds Of Pete has something good for you. 

Promiseland has an aptly party themed cool video and you can download it for free via soundcloud:

Thanks to AllThingsGo.

Geographer, This Is How We Walk On The Moon

The strings, the brass, the infectious chorus and the confident, relentless groove of This Is How We Walk On The Moon are all reasons to download this blissful indie rock tune from San Francisco three piece Geographer. Originally by Arthur Russell, get it for free right here.

Bel Heir, Kiss The Devil

Wow, there's some incredible new artists breaking out of Philadelphia right now and four piece Bel Heir are amongst them with Kiss The Devil, the latest in a years worth of monthly singles releases. If you like The Neighbourhood you'll like this.

Vaults, Cry No More

Record Of The Week //

London's Vaults are pretty new, pretty mysterious and if Cry No More is anything to go by, pretty damn good. Chimes, atmosphere and a spell binding vocal, Vaults' first track blends Bat For Lashes and London Grammar's take on forward thinking, expansive and slightly leftfield pop.

All We Are, Utmost Good

If trippy, falsetto indie-pop which could soundtrack a slow motion sci-fi love scene sounds appealing then meet Liverpool's All We Are, uni mates of Dan Croll (who also pops up in the video) and pioneers in such visionary artistry. In other words, this is the bomb.

The self released Utmost Good is out now.

Ta-Ku, We Were In Love

In the lead up to the release of Songs to break up to, Ta-Ku drops this edit of We Were In Love as a free gift. It's tasteful and emotive and rich and amazing and free so get downloading, dog.