No Ceremony///, No Ceremony/// (Album)

Manchester trio NO CEREMONY/// have featured here several times by now because their gravelly bass, ghostly guitars, analogue dance beats and ambient reverbs make for a hypnotic blend of heady euphoric  rave and human sensitivity so often lacking from electronic based music. 

Singles HURTLOVE and FEELSOLOW will bring many people to the band AND make for a strong start to their debut album but the real highlights of this whirlwind of a nine track record are in its surprisingly tender moments. Track four, WARSONGS slows the bands electro pulse slightly and the introduction of acoustic guitar and orchestral accompaniment gives an indication of the change of pace. The next track AWAYFROMHERE matches this same sombre depth with rich, almost Bon Iver-esq emotive vocals whilst the ambient and suspenseful effect trail blending PARTOFME and DELIVERUS in the records latter stages show how much more this band has to offer than singles and electro indie pop styling.

This is record full of moods and dynamics as much as it is Radio 1 ready hit singles. It's not formulaic, it's thought provoking, feeling like a body of work which has been loved and nurtured to showcase a creative force making a strong opening statement. The only complaint is that there isn't one more song to make it a perfect 10.

'No Ceremony///' is released on 2nd September 2013 through NOC///.