Drenge, Drenge (Album)

Kicking your debut album off with a statement like People in love make me feel yuk gives an indication of the rawkus, no holds barred attitude which helped create Drenge's live shows so notoriously energetic (if not violently intimidating). But if live rock music has proven anything over the decades, it's that rowdy energy cannot always be recreated on record. No such problems for Drenge though.

Three tracks in and they're getting confrontational, throwing out a diamond of a catchphrase with "Make you piss your pants, I wanna break you in half", before their gruesome itch gets a masochistic scratch on Bloodsports, where the brotherly duo manage to show off their power/subtlety balance of playing with bluesy groove whilst smashing the living shit out of their instruments and being really, well, blood thirsty.

As with Bloodsports, their other singles Backwaters and Face Like A Skull don't shadow the rest of the album; the sound is huge throughout, the excitement never goes away and blues-punk attitude and grit never pales. Gun Crazy enforces Drenge's punk rock credentials in both pace and rawness while Dogmeat sounds like the rough and ready rock n roll tune the world's bourbon manufacturers will fight over to soundtrack their next ad campaigns.

Closing track Fuckabout provides a surprisingly somber and more low key dynamic with an honest, understated charm and punctuated flow, leaning slightly towards the Mardy Bum era of their fellow Sheffield noisesmiths. 

The hugely impressive Drenge roars along with frantic energy, a powerful, engaging intensity and the purposefulness of a steely gaze over the poker table through a smoke filled bar. Without question one of the finest and most compelling debut albums you'll hear this year. Stream it in full exclusively over at The Guardian.

Drenge is released on 18th August 2013 through Infectious Music.

New single Nothing is released on 11th November 2013.