Live // Flume, Gorilla - Manchester

Flume + Sega Bodega
Gorilla, Manchester
Thursday 18th July 2013

A hot and sweaty July heat wave calls for only one thing on a Thursday night; a hot and sweaty club gig, rammed with students and fashionista's eagerly awaiting the arrival of one of the hottest (pun intended) names in electronic music right now.

Emanating from Australia, 21 year old Sydney producer Harley Streten aka Flume has featured here a few times before but tonight was the first opportunity to see him play out live. He made the crowd wait on this occasion, as a 10pm stage time gradually became 11pm, by which time much of the audience had already left to catch busses and trains home. Those who remained enjoyed the stripped, deep beats of Sega Bodega and then became increasingly restless at the wait for their headliner. Nonetheless, SG gave a solid and captivating set which will have done his polularity no harm at all:

When Flume appeared, to a rapturous reception and mesmerising visual accompaniment from his now infamous 'Infinity Prism', he launched straight into a set which, for such a young artist, contained a very impressive collection of well know heavy hitters. This is, after all, a guy who's conquered the Australian charts to the extent of keeping One Direction off the top spot and tracks like Sleepless, Holdin On and On Top does nothing but enhance the Australian record buying publics' reputation for taste. His recent reworking of Disclosure's You and Me dropped like the hot shit the world knows it is and by that stage the whole place was bouncing:

By this point you're probably getting the jist of it; hot new producer who everyone wants to see gets great reception from his adoring public who gladly lap up his young but impressive back catalogue. In fact they also lapped up some newer cuts which seemed to indicate a venture towards hip hop and, dare I say it trap, although I really bloody hope this doesn't mean we lose the innovative and fresh take on post chillwave x post dubstep that this talented guy has made his signature. But that aside, he was blasting through big tunes with fancy lights and sweaty ravers when... sound dies, lights die and emergency back up house lights come on. Que on stage confusion, shouts to the sound desk, shrugging shoulders and after a few minutes a shouted announcement that the show cannot continue due to a power cut.

So a late start and an early finish. But that aside, the guy did what he needed to do and smashed through a great set, played his electric drum and got an expectant crowd bouncing. Thumbs up, despite the disappointment.