Stay Positive, Blood Brother

Record Of The Week //

More big beat, atmospheric warehouse rave pop from Stay PositiveBlood Brother is probably Matt Farthing's most radio friendly attack to date and features vocals from Ben Westbeech, aka Breach.

Blood Brother EP is out now through Stay Positive Industries.

Blood Brother - EP - Stay Positve

The TÂCHES remix is pretty sweet too.

BASECAMP, Emmanuel

BASECAMP are a trio of producers from Nashville making amazing music. This is a soulful, rich, fairly sparse R&B debut which you can get for absolutely nothing. Gorgeous vocals and slick production. Excited for their EP in August.

The Hics, Russian Dolls

Perfect for a 'welcome back to earth' post holiday relaxation, The Hics latest is warm, minimal silk with voices like dancing chocolate dolphins. So, so sweet.

Tangle EP is released on 19th August 2013.

Washed Out, Don't Give Up

Chillwave is NOT a dirty word and Washed Out is and will always be the coolest vibe in existence. This is amazing, looks sweet and you need it in your life.

Sorry for the aggression.

Pre-order the new album Paracosm through Domino now.

Don't Give Up - Paracosm (Bonus Track Version)

iLLANGELO, Crash Landing

The only way I can describe this is; your 5am self, completely losing your shit trying to find your hotel, falling over homeless people, crashing into bins and deciding to go back to the club instead. Wonderfully creative glitchy ambience from Toronto's iLLANGELO.

Hanni El Khatib, Pay No Mind

Raw, powerful and energetic garage rock from LA's bluesy noisesmith Hanni El Khatib. Cheerleaders in the video too, nice touch.

Pay No Mind - Head In the Dirt

Glitches, Only Time Will Tell

Backed by Jen Long/Transgressive's Kissability Records, London trio Glitches unleash the huge anthemic chorus of Only Time Will Tell on the back of an impressive landmark gig at St Pancras Old Chruch a couple of weeks ago. A genuinely talented new band worth watching.

Only Time Will Tell is out now on Kissability Records.

Only Time Will Tell - Single - Glitches

AlunaGeorge, You Know You Like It (DJ Snake Remix)

Probably the best remix of the AlunaGeorge's best track, Parisian DJ Snake went in hard on this heavy beat.

I've been in love with this song for a year so sod it, it's not new but it is ace:

Snake also jumped on Kanye's New Slaves, which you can get for free below.

Drenge, Face Like A Skull

Record Of The Week //

More ballsy, effortless grungy power noise rock from the Sheffield brotherly duo. Further proof they're one of the UK's most exciting new bands. Who needs a bass player?

Face Like A Skull is released on 26th August 2013 through Mad Mark/Infectious Music and their debut album Drenge drops on 19th August 2013.

Face Like a Skull - Drenge

Laura Jae, Out Getting Ribs

South East Londoner Laura Jae somehow manages to get both cinematic and minimalistic on her take on King Krule's Out Getting Ribs. Sublime. Get it for free over here.

Live // Flume, Gorilla - Manchester

Flume + Sega Bodega
Gorilla, Manchester
Thursday 18th July 2013

A hot and sweaty July heat wave calls for only one thing on a Thursday night; a hot and sweaty club gig, rammed with students and fashionista's eagerly awaiting the arrival of one of the hottest (pun intended) names in electronic music right now.

Emanating from Australia, 21 year old Sydney producer Harley Streten aka Flume has featured here a few times before but tonight was the first opportunity to see him play out live. He made the crowd wait on this occasion, as a 10pm stage time gradually became 11pm, by which time much of the audience had already left to catch busses and trains home. Those who remained enjoyed the stripped, deep beats of Sega Bodega and then became increasingly restless at the wait for their headliner. Nonetheless, SG gave a solid and captivating set which will have done his polularity no harm at all:

When Flume appeared, to a rapturous reception and mesmerising visual accompaniment from his now infamous 'Infinity Prism', he launched straight into a set which, for such a young artist, contained a very impressive collection of well know heavy hitters. This is, after all, a guy who's conquered the Australian charts to the extent of keeping One Direction off the top spot and tracks like Sleepless, Holdin On and On Top does nothing but enhance the Australian record buying publics' reputation for taste. His recent reworking of Disclosure's You and Me dropped like the hot shit the world knows it is and by that stage the whole place was bouncing:

By this point you're probably getting the jist of it; hot new producer who everyone wants to see gets great reception from his adoring public who gladly lap up his young but impressive back catalogue. In fact they also lapped up some newer cuts which seemed to indicate a venture towards hip hop and, dare I say it trap, although I really bloody hope this doesn't mean we lose the innovative and fresh take on post chillwave x post dubstep that this talented guy has made his signature. But that aside, he was blasting through big tunes with fancy lights and sweaty ravers when... sound dies, lights die and emergency back up house lights come on. Que on stage confusion, shouts to the sound desk, shrugging shoulders and after a few minutes a shouted announcement that the show cannot continue due to a power cut.

So a late start and an early finish. But that aside, the guy did what he needed to do and smashed through a great set, played his electric drum and got an expectant crowd bouncing. Thumbs up, despite the disappointment.

Mixhell, The Way (Riva Starr Acid Cut)

Maybe Ibiza season is screwing with my head but I just want to play this to a packed club at insane volumes. Total party tune. Not usually my bag but just FEEL THAT BASS WHEN THE BEAT KICKS!!

Jaymes Young, Fragments

With every track he puts out, Jaymes Young further solidifies the image his artistry creates (I'm thinking The Neighbourhood meets Mikky Ekko at the minute) but more importantly he reinforces the enthusiasm Dark Star first instilled. This guy really can sing, write a solid song and most impressively, make a simple and delicate song sound completely mesmerising and fresh. 

Heads up, this guy is for real.

Cavell, Supernova

22 year old New Zealander Cavell sounds kind of like an RnB version of The Neighbourhood on his first offering, Supernova. Pretty dark and progressive, it's well worth introducing yourself.

Supernova is out now through Move The Crowd Records.

Supernova - Single - Cavell

(via P&P)

28Mansions, Weepy Eyes

Firstly, I'm all for reproducing artists names as they were intended to be displayed but there is a limit and my humble keyboard skills so I'm sticking to 28Mansions for this. He comes from San Francisco and makes "Sadwave", this is a cool trappy/hip hop bit of bass for your friday night:

Cleo Sol, Borderline

London's Cleo Sol tips her hat to Kendrick Lamar, The Fugees and Aaliyah on Borderline, the first of three free downloads she's putting out over the next few weeks. Sassy, slick and soulful, a gutsy big beat drives this and the second verses vocal is Beyonce at her finest. Complimentary indeed.

Download through soundcloud:

Postiljonen, Atlantis

Swedish dream pop trio Postiljonen have just released their debut album Skyer, I recommend you immediately go and stream it in full over here. Atlantis is the first single from the record and sounds like M83 kicking back on a cloud, big anologue drums and floaty choruses. Rich.

Atlantis is out now through Best Fit Recordings.

Atlantis - Single - Postiljonen

Hot New Stuff // Marian Hill, Whisky

There's something about an innocent sounding female vocal over naughty hip hop production. Marian Hill are a duo from Philadelphia who make sparse, deep beats with relaxed and seductive vocals. Strong opening statement from these guys. Give them an email address and you can also get this for free here.

RDGLDGRN ft Angel Haze, Lootin In London

Washington DC's colour coding enthusiasts RDGLDGRN return with Lootin In London and a chorus which, subject to a bit of ccensoring, has got mainstream radio nailed on. Huge drums and guitars and oh yeah, it also features Angel Haze and DAVE BLOODY GROHL!!

Lootin In London is out now through Fairfax Recordings/Universal Republic.

Lootin In London (feat. Angel Haze) - Lootin In London (feat. Angel Haze) - Single

St. Lucia, Elevate

Johannesberg via NYC singer songwriter St. Lucia just dropped his best track to date and it already sounds like a huge, sun kissed radio hit. Powerfully controlled vocals, a monsterous chorus hook and bangy-bang-bang tom toms, this is a serious tune. And when you're backed by one of the coolest labels out there you know you're doing something right.

Elevate is out now through Neon Gold Records. Debut album When The Night is out on 8th October 2013 through the same label.

Elevate - Single - St. Lucia

Dan Croll, In/Out

The 300th Drums Eat Everything post had to be a good one and to mark the occasion Dan Croll's latest track seems a fitting choice, seeing as he's been a constant feature on this site since last October when From Nowhere kicked things off for the Liverpool based singer songwriter. 

In/Out has already conquered the Hype Machine's number one spot but because it's such an undeniably tropical tune it still needs sharing. As his slot at The Great Escape showed, he's one of the finest talents radiating from the UK right now.

MMX, Tremor

Oxford's MMX are fast becoming one of my favourite bands and Tremor is one of those songs which would sound perfect on the soundtrack if you were making a film about your life. Rich and melodic with catchy hooks and solid songwriting, Tremor also packs a fantastically expansive vocal performance. Definitely the best track so far from one of the most exciting new bands in the UK right now.

The Hics, Tangle

London six-piece The Hics channel the minimal electro vibes of James Blake with the rich chill of Washed Out and Jessie Ware's soulful and understated vocals. In summary; this is amazing.

Tangle EP is released on 19th August.

(via BangTidy)

Snakadaktal, Hung On Tight

Melbourne's dream pop supremo's Snakadaktal's debut album Sleep In The Water drops on 2nd August and if Hung On Tight is anything to go by it's going to be pretty impressive. This is gorgeous.

Hung On Tight is out now through Liberation Music.

Hung On Tight - Single - Snakadaktal

Arthur Beatrice, Vandals

This is stone cold cool, melodic richness which shuffles and glides along with the minimal amount of fuss. London four piece Arthur Beatrice make smooth, blissful paradise music. 

Vandals and Carter feature on the Carter EP which is released on 21st July 2013 through Open Assembly Recordings.

Vandals - Carter - EP

LION KINGS Remix, J Cole ft Miguel, Power Trip

LION KINGS crank the beat and growling bass on their remix of J Cole's best track in ages, which also features the drop kick hero, Miguel. The way they filter and fade this out is pretty sweet, get it free through soundcloud right here:

Keys 'n Krates, Dum Dee Dum

I hate to recycle what you could have got elsewhere but this is too big not to blog. A  H U G E bass track with some TNGHT inspiration, Toronto trio Keys 'N Krates nailed this and I'll be twerking to this all night. So should you.

(Obviously via AMP)

Hot New Stuff // Dewy Sinatra, I Need Love

London's Dewy Sinatra's latest tune I Need Love is the freshest thing to hit my inbox since this blog was conceived and born late last year. A disorientating, hypnotic electro beat beds the emcee's vocals, which are carefully peppered through the track to maximise the vibe. Such tasteful restraint is a skill which few rappers seem to possess in this age of relentless self promotion and ego stroking.

Club, radio and festival ready, expect to hear more good stuff from this guy.

CFCF Remix - Laura Welsh, Cold Front

The original is amazing (revisit it here) and now CFCF have given the sexy track a sexy remix, groove to the fore, lush vocal maxed out. This, kids, is how to remix one of the finest pop songs of the year.

Klangkarussell ft Will Heard, Sonnentanz (Sun Don't Shine Version)

Sounding like a mash up of Miike Snow's sombre soul and Rudimental's brassy bounce, Austrian production duo Klangkarussell brought London's Will Heard in on the vocal version of Sonnentanz (Sun Don't Shine Version).

Sonnentanz is out on 18th August 2013 through Island Records.

Sonnentanz - Single - Klangkarussell

Mali Michael, Ghost


Could 20 year old Londoner Mali Michael be the male electro soul answer to Jessie Ware? Ghost shows promising signs with some rich production and delicately warm vocals.

(Premiered over at P&P)

Trampolene, You Do Nothing To Me

Oh how I hate radio rips. But in this case there really is no alternative because Swansea's Trampolene "don't like" Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Soundcloud so it's no surprise that this song really isn't available anywhere else. Supported by Taggart and Levine on BBC Radio 1 evenings, these guys have youthful swagger sloshing around through the whole of You Do Nothing To Me. 

Gracias to DetailsOfMyLife for hosting this.

Pale Seas, Evil Is Always One Step Behind

Southampton's Pale Seas have absolutely nailed the essential barometer of any good alt indie band; the epic, emotionally draining slow burner. Evil Is Always One Step Behind is a proper journey, one which will leave you broken, quivering and crying by the end of the seven minute monster. But it's so rewarding you'll do it again.

Kevin Gates, 4:30AM

I've been a bit light on hip hop lately but thankfully Louisiana's Kevin Gates' latest track is very tidy. I'm not analysing the lyrics, just hit play and respect the depth. Delicate ears beware.

Apparently 4:30AM is on iTunes but I'll be damned if I can find it. Released by Atlantic.

Caveman, Where's The Time/In The City

If a kind of cross between Pink Floyd and Fleet Foxes is your bag then you're going to fall in love with New York band Caveman. Where's The Time slides perfectly next to Local Natives, a rich and emotive indie rock song with a constant focus and chillingly atmospheric build. Love this:

Hop over to their website (here) and get In The City free. You give them an email address they give you a tune, it's the way of the world my friend. Cool video too.

Hot New Stuff // Mike Del Rio, NY LA

Mike Del Rio's name dropping of the US glamour capitals isn't the only thing to make this big beat alt pop tune sound cool; it drips sexy sweat like, well, LA and NYC's non-airconditioned inhabitants are doing right now. Check out more of the New York based singer/songwriter/producer's stuff here.

(via P&P)

London Grammar, Strong

So consistent with their output so far, it's no wonder London Grammar are one of the UK's hottest properties right now, and that's saying something when you consider Disclosure, CHVRCHES, Duke Dumont et al. A rich period for British music for sure and in Hannah Reid, these guys are in possession of one of the most incredible and distinctive voices around.

Strong will be released on 1st September.

Grab your free copy of the Dot Major remix of Hey Now below.

Hot New Stuff // Oceaán

Hushed, soulful vocals over minimalistic electro vibes, this sounds like a sweet and reflective bromance between SBTRKT and Bon Iver. Really wish I'd know about Oceaán when I did the Manchester feature because this is more genuinely exciting stuff coming out of that cat.

The elusive singer/songwriter/producer has only put two tracks out there, they're both awesome so here's the other: