Solomon Grey, Gen V

Gorgeously hushed vocals and electro subtleties over an 'In Rainbows' era Radiohead-y guitar-plucking beat, Gen V is the debut single for London based Solomon Grey who, it's fair to say are pretty new since his/her/their (I dunno) facebook page is barely two weeks old. I don't know who Solomon Grey is but I like the shit out of this sound.

Gen V is out on 4th August 2013 through Black Butter Records.

Free Music Friday // Djemba Djemba Remix - Laura Mvula, Green Garden

Mvula's snazzy jazzy voice, Djemba Djemba's buildingbuildingbuilding sweeps and drums and contorted pitch shifting and hand claps aaaaaaaaaaand..... 

D  R  O  P 

Easily the biggest drop you're hearing today in fact. A masterclass, if you will, in how to make us move our heads back and forth to a big, stinking beat. If you don't download this right now then you my friend, are not my friend.

Cyril Hahn ft Shy Girls, Perfect Form

If you're not already familiar with Cyril Hahn, he's the Swiss (via Canada) beatsmith who's been responsible for some of the freshest remixes of the last couple of years. His talent clearly isn't limited to reworking Destiny's Child, Solange, Haim, Jessie Ware et al and the ambiently soulful Perfect Form is a mighty fine debut single.

Perfect Form is released on 9th September 2013 through PMR Records.

Qtier, Still

I've only just come across Still and although it's been kicking around for a while it's too good not to share. From London, Qtier are steady-grooving hushed-toned one's to watch for sure.

Still is out now on Bad Life. 

Still - EP - Qtier

Kwabs, Spirit Fade

All that needs to be said about London based Kwabs is that he possesses the most incredible soul voice I've heard this year so far. Spirit Fade is a warm slice of modern soul pie but the real star is the natural depth of his baritone. 

Kill J, Phoenix

Ghostly confident vocals, a really distinctive vibrato and sharp R&B minimalism give Denmark's Kill J an extremely impressive debut. Your subs will get a nice work out from this. Left-field alt pop of the highest order.

Bondax Remix - Blackstreet, No Diggity

Lancaster collides with R&B summer jam pretty spectacularly on Bondax's sun infested remix of Blackstreet's No Diggity. Download this for free and add it to your summer playlist, or die.

Local Natives, You & I

Do dogs really become extinct? Do dog detectives exist? Is You & I any good??

The answer to the last question is most definitely yes. You're going to have to give your heart strings a work out by watching the video to find the rest out.

You & I is out now through Infectious Music.

You & I - Hummingbird (Deluxe Version)

Tove Lo, Habits

First shared this break through track from Stockholm's latest perfect-pop export last June. Since then she's signed with Neon Gold, sprinkled impeccable choruses left and right, remade the video for Habits and most impressively of all made our 2014 one's to watch list. Hate to say I told you so but...

Tove Lo

The Chainsmokers Remix - ASTR, Operate

Midweek party time. The Chainsmokers smashed it again, this time for ASTR's song of the year contender, Operate. Free to download too.

Say Yes Dog, Get It

Almost certainly the first band from The Hague (go here for education, no judgement) to feature here, Say Yes Dog are comprised of two members from Berlin and a Luxembourgeois gent. Get It sounds like a sunny Miike Snow tune with a spring in its step and is sure to be a big summer tune.

(via MJF)

Two Inch Punch Remix - Portugal The Man, Purple Yellow Red and Blue

Two Inch Punch gives Portugal. The Man a grumbling, swirling synth make over which loses none of the originals effortless cool. Watch out for that vicious pan at the end.

Scene City // Manchester

Part 1 - Los Angeles
Part 2 - London
Part 3 - New York City

Forever associated with some of the most iconic dance music pioneers and guitar bands of the 1980's and 90's, Manchester's northern charm has continued to influence popular music over recent years with the likes of Everything Everything, Delphic and now The 1975. But how does Manchester's next crop fare?

Let's kick off with something a little different to that which the city is most famous for. Mat Beard, aka MTBRD is definitely not swimming with the tide right now, although he could easily side step into hip hop beat making. This Is Luv showcases his unique take on mashing vintage soul sounds with modern production. Rap flair with soul chops never sounded so fresh.

His album, BEATAPE is out now and free over at his bandcamp.

Filling the space left by reverb heavy mystery enthusiasts WU LYF, M O N E Y make an enchanting and unconventional racket which is comparable to Alt J in it's desire to straddle cinematic indie and soundscaping pop in equal measure.


Combining the city's aforementioned love of dance music and indie, Santiago Street Machine pack soaring melodies, rich textures and fat bass lines to their driving beats and the outrageously catchy Sinking Stone showcases all of these qualities. Their sweaty shows blur the lines between euphoric gigs and unforgettable club nights, their much anticipated debut album drops this summer.

Noisemaker - Single - Santiago Street Machine

Angular, gritty and packed with attitude, Findlay pack a pretty heavy punch and look the part too. They may well be the city's next big guitar exports and are making pretty big waves already.


No Ceremony/// may well be the best band to play a warehouse/sweaty club/disused train station rave. Ambient yet powerful, atmosphere and beats meet head on and, my god it's good.


Somewhere between Bat For Lashes and The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Letters To Fiesta make intently burning songs, pop songs at the core but with breathy gasps, ambience and a beautiful fragility. Statuettes is a more reflective moment which twinkles and glides with so much grace.

Statuettes - Mesosphere - Single

Singer songwriter Adio Marchant aka Bipolar Sunshine is a talented and quirky chap. Rivers could have gone down a hip hop, break beat house or pop route and in the end it does a bit of all three whilst remaining focussed and not at all messy. Spot the featured city in the video too.

Bipolar Sunshine

Last seen battering Pat Sharp with baseball bats and setting him on fire, Shinies can write a memorable indie pop song with grungy grit and attitude to mix it with most bands who emanate from this guitar loving city.


Determined not to be just like every other Jessie doing pop, JJ Rosa is doing things her own way with a grittier approach to an indie rock popstar assault. Definitely more Hendrix than Pixie Lott, if soulful girl with a guitar is your thing you'll love this.

And finally, something to complete the diverse picture which has been so beautifully painted by these artists, Frameworks, or Matthew Brewer to his mother, specialises in rich yet relaxed, cinematic, jazz influenced soul-scapes. Music for films, music for coffee, music for a musical city.

Old Friend - EP - Frameworks

RAC Remix - Bastille, Laura Palmer

This is not your average club mash-up remix with subs and synths and a bastardised vocal. RAC injects some atmospheric panache, a strutting guitar sound usually associated with leather wearing New York bands and more indie-ness than the Bastille original. A proper remixer thinking outside the box.

Hot New Stuff // ANG LOW

Brooklyn's ANG LOW sound fuses warm, soulful vocals, the vocoder harmonisation of Imogen Heap, the sparse pop style of Vampire Weekends less excitable moments and a sprinkling of James Blake inspired minimal electronica. Intrigued? Me too.


The original is probably one of the songs of the year so far, the remix is shit hot. Thanks CRNKN. Done. 

(via Bang Tidy)

Jaymes Young, Hold You Down

A lighter more summery pop vibe than his earlier releases (and by earlier, we're talking two weeks ago), Hold You Down centres around a jangly guitar riff, an infectious chorus and some smooth, soulful vocals. There's a reason Jaymes Young is our new favourite artist. It's because he's great.

To hammer home the point, check out how effortlessly he turned a cringey old track into a thing of modern beauty.

Royal Blood, Figure It Out

I've been hearing for a while that guitar music was ready to make an exciting return to UK music but without any bands to really substantiate the claim. Until very recently, that is, when two duo's, Drenge and now Brighton's Royal Blood have shown their cards. Sounding like a diesel guzzling White Stripes at a high stakes poker table, Figure It Out is exciting alright.

Figure It Out is out now.

Figure It Out - Figure It Out - Single 

Flume Remix - Disclosure, You & Me

First came Baauer's remix of the year contender and now Flume throws his hat into the ring, Disclosure's You & Me is proving to be the summer anthem which just keeps on giving. Relaxed beats, majestic strings and a vibeing accordion rock this.

Foamo, Release Me ft Lotti

If deep house is your vibe then British DJ Foamo's latest single 'Release Me' is worth slipping into your summer playlist and features seductive vocals from Lotti. You can catch his Rinse FM shows every thursday from 2-4pm GMT and if you're heading to Ibiza this summer he's got some sweet residencies lined up.

Hot New Stuff // Clipping

Glitchy noise hip hop trio Clipping just signed to Sub Pop and their confrontation, industrial production style backing up their effortless flow is definitely a fresh injection of life the genre has needed since mainstream exposure made so many 'emcee by numbers' rap stars. Get acquainted with bout.that, LOUD and Bullshit from the LA newcomers, super exciting stuff and probably the freshest thing to happen to hip hop this year.


NO CEREMONY /// are Manchester's finest purveyors of rave ready ambient electro and for their latest video for new single FEELSOLOW, a speaker cone eats wormy yoghurt, some twitchy heads shake and coloured lights flash a lot. Lovely stuff.

Hit up Annie Mac for a free download of the excellent Hurtlove:

Flume Remix - Rustie, Slasherr

Having posted the new Flume video a couple of days ago, I'm not writing much about him. This is a pretty amazing remix of Rustie's Slasherr, the original of which is also below. Done. Back out in the sun I go. 

Just A Touch, Wolfpack

Melbourne duo Just A Touch have nailed the party starting house genre with one hit in Wolfpack, a track featuring quotes from The Hangover's Alan whilst bouncing and skipping along with the enthusiasm of a moody teenager beheading daisies. If this doesn't set the party off, pack up and leave that awful, awful place.

(via HillyDilly)

Art Of Shades ft Soukaïna, All Away

Parisian producer Art Of Shades' latest effort features soulful vocals from Soukaïna and sounds like a soulful mid morning latte, made by Roosevelt with the finest beans rom the Washed Out region of chilled house. Pretty rich. And it's free.

Mykki Blanco, The Initiation

The Initiation looks and sounds like the end of the world. Hypnotising bass rumble, snarling latin lyrics, and brutal underground fights, the satanic apocalypse of Mykki Blanco's latest art will offend some and captivate others.

The Initiation is taken from the EP 'Betty Rubble: The Initiation' which is available now through UNO NYC.

The Initiation - Betty Rubble: The Initiation

Flume ft T Shirt, On Top

Is Flume the hottest new producer in the world? Probably. Either way his signature laid back, almost lazy groove and hazy ambience are all over On Top with the ungoogle-able 'T Shirt' featuring on vocals/hologram action.

The debut album Flume is available now through Future Classic/Transgressive Records and features On Top.

Flume - Flume

Glass Animals, Black Mambo

Oxford's Glass Animals will get right under your skin with Black Mambo, an addictive, hooded silhouette of a song with a haunting, ghostly alt indie vibe, perfect for the summers late night come down kids.

The Neighbourhood, No Grey

The Neighbourhood's recent spate of dropping unannounced tracks with a heavier hip hop feel than debut album 'I Love You' offered continues. No Grey packs some effortless 90's west coast vibes with the customary haunting, tasteful guitars and soulful melodies. 

SPEAK, Peaks

SPEAK come from one of the musical epicentres of Planet Earth, Austin, Texas and their exposure to a broad span of music is apparent on Peaks, a twisting, turning kaleidoscope of arty indie rock. You never quite know what's coming next with this 5 minute creative outpouring and being on the edge of your seat has never been more rewarding. Fans of Everything Everything and Alt J rejoice. Peaks is also free.

(via Electric Panda)

Goldroom, Only You Can Show Me (ft Mereki)

The romantic atmosphere of Washed Out but with a more uptempo house vibe, Los Angeles' prolific producer Josh Legg aka Goldroom masters the art of capturing west coast sunshine in Only You Can Show Me which features vocals by Mereki.

Only You Can Show Me is available now.

Only You Can Show Me (feat. Mereki Beach) - Single - Goldroom

Drenge, Backwaters

Filmed in the field behind the brothers South Yorkshire home, the video for Backwaters is typically youthful, gritty and energetic, perfectly reflecting the confident attitude and whirlwind of excitement which Drenge exude. Probably best not to do this with your parents car though.

Backwaters is out now through Infectious Music.

Backwaters - Single - Drenge

Jaymes Young, Wondering

So now we're starting to get a bit of a picture about who Jaymes Young is as an artist. Wondering hints at a Mikky Ekko like pop songwriting nous which loses none of the artistic interest and originality that has brought so much attention to his door in such an incredibly short space of time. Beautifully piano led, almost Radiohead tinged melancholy sees LA's hot new prospect continue his assault.