The Great Escape 2013, Part Two - Friday

Day two of some of the highlights from The Great Escape Festival in Brighton last weekend.

Let's not mess about, here's Friday:


Brighton duo Anushka were dropping beats to an incredibly packed basement club upon my chance arrival and very quickly I became engulfed by the love-in. Sounding like a still fresh Katy B but with more street cred and a penchant for smokey dance music, they tore through some big sounds with pitch perfect vocals and enough substance to match the style. Pick up their EP Yes Guess here.

The German chill-house producer created a pretty big simultaneous head nodding session with some soaring vocals, live-looping and percussion (we now know he hits cymbals with tambourines). Single Sea was the stand out live track, buy it here.

San Zhi

Sounding sleek yet stripped and ethereal, R&Breeze™ pop group San Zhi slyly come over as some kind of sexy hybrid of The XX and Polica, with AlunaGeorge on diet coke coming down in the corner. That's not to say there's no sugary fizz in this band, far from it. But they are so effortlessly understated in delivering their beautifully rich tunes that you can't help but unknowingly fall under their spell. Get their EP here.

Josef Salvat

Australia-via-London singer songwriter Josef Salvat drew a lot of sympathy from me for his hotly anticipated performance in a quite imaculate sounding church. He tried and tried and tried to put on a show to a vibe-free room full of arms-folded music industry bods, who were all keen to run the rule over what's been sold as one of pop music next leading men. He nailed the quirky awkward-confidence showman thing and his bass playing, beat triggering, spectacular beard wearing side kick was probably just as watchable. He really needed to have a full band though.


The riffs of White Stripes, the power of QOSTA and the ruckus energy of early Arctic Monkeys, Sheffield's brotherly duo Drenge absolutely owned a packed, sweaty room above a pub and made far more noise than a bassist free band has any right to. Very exciting indeed and one of the bands many people were talking about over the weekend.