The Great Escape 2013, Part Three - Saturday

This is the third and final part of Drums Eat Everything's highlights coverage from The Great Escape Festival 2013. Please leave your questions and tears until the end. Check out parts one and two for more great music and until next year; thank you Brighton.

Dan Croll has been getting some nice coverage on Radio 1 over the last few weeks and months but how he's not all over the mainstream like a tramp on chips I just don't know; his alt-indie-pop songwriting craft has been earning some solid radio support in the US thanks to Sirius in particular. With an honest and endearing live show to a ram packed lunchtime showcase (in the darkest room you've (n)ever seen (oops, sorry, was that your foot?)) backing up his consistently brilliant songs, the campaign for Croll to go supersonic gets a big thumbs up here.

Not a band i'd heard of before their unplugged-and-yet-still-electro set (no, I couldn't work out why it worked either), the London trio combine forward thinking textures with heavy bass and organic groves, topped by the Cold War Kids-esq passionately belted lead vocals which will stay with you. All day. Until you go see them play a full band set that night. Which is also fantastic. Great band.

With two of the catchiest electro-pop singles of the year already under their belt and a recent remix for MS MR keeping their love for thick, analogous juno sounds in our conscience, CHVRCHES definitely came into the festival as one of the most hotly anticipated acts. Their stage show was calm and considered, allowing the sweet and unasuming vocals to sit on top of some big driving retro atmosphere and to be honest, when you've got Recover and The Mother We Share in your set you can afford to be confident. Being lapped up by an expectant crowd = good job well done.

The British-Norweigan indie rock band with one of the more creative names of the festival smashed through a high octane set which undoubtedly grew and got better as it went on, an interesting point considering pretty much every other act seemed to be front loading their sets. A band of very skilled musicians can often crash and burn as taste is sacrificed in favour of self gratification but in this case the songs flourished as the lead guitarists afro drew everyone in to their sweaty gaze.