The Great Escape 2013, Part One - Thursday

So last week and weekend I went to one of the finest new music festivals in the world in Brighton on the South coast of England. I wasn't sure how to write it up; all in one big thing, one shorter post for every band I saw, extra posts for good stuff I didn't manage to see etc. The verdict is this event will be chronologically logged by day (very efficient) with some bonus/spill over posts for all of the great stuff I discovered but wasn't able to see. 

First up, Thursday:

Jake Hart is already one of these hungry drums favourite new prospects and he and his band played a breezy afternoon set in the gloriously non-English sunshine from the side of a shiny van to a packed square in the town centre. Awake was as effortlessly cool and beautiful live as it is on record and Hart & co's live remix/cover of Lana Del Rey's Born To Die was an unexpected diamond.


If you want to feel like a car is reversing over your chest, throat, face, legs, well every inch of your body really, each and every time your favourite experimental alt-electronic band hits a kick drum then this was the show you needed to be at. The bass extravagance did come at a price though; super sweet vocals were at times drowned out and a lot of top end intricacy was  painted over by the subs. A great band though with one of the best albums of the year so far.

Crystal Fighters

Anthemic, positive summer vibes exuded from Basque-Brit band Crystal Fighters in a packed hall-turned-venue called The Warren. Very sweaty, very engaging and very happy, the band shuffled and calypso'd their tropical selves through a spell binding set which had everyone smiling and dancing giddily. Very impressive, as is their debut album 'Cave Rave' which you can preview and pre-order through the soundcloud player below.

On an On

I walked in on these guys purely by chance and was very pleasantly impressed by their soaring melodies, laid back grooves and love of spacious textures. A star gazing light explosion soundtrack at its late night best from a band to watch. Their debut album available now (here).

No Ceremony///

If there's a band more suited for an atmospheric, late night underground indie club rave than Manchester's No Ceremony/// then I haven't found them. It's a pretty rare thing that big pumping club beats can combine so easily with ambient vibes, solid songs and a mesmerising performance. All in one hit. Smashed it.