Interview // Mel Jade

Last weekends' Great Escape was a non stop new music discovery mission, one such discovery was Australian singer Mel Jade whose intelligent and cinematic pop is quite rightly drawing comparisons to Lana Del Rey and Delilah. As the site ventured into interviewing, this is what she had to say about moving to the otherside of the world for music, drinking tea and the new Australian movement:

You recently moved to London from Melbourne, what made you make that switch?

My songs seem to all revolve around risk and doing whatever you want, so I guess that's just what I was feeling so I went and did it! London is such a big city with a really cool music scene. People have been really receptive to my music over this side of the planet so it was definitely time to come say hi! I still love Australia but it's awesome being so central to everything and I get to see a few castles and drink some tea while I'm at it. 

George Maple, Flume, Iggy Azalea, Chet Faker, Atlas Genius... it feels like a lot of really good new music is coming out of Australia right now. What's the music scene like over there and is there a feeling within Australia that you guys are about to take over the world?

Yeah! There's a lot of Aussie music I really love at the moment. But the funny thing is, in Australia I definitely don't get the vibe that the people think we're the next big thing to hit. Traditionally we don't take ourselves too seriously and our stars usually bail and go somewhere else to take their careers to the next level haha. The cool thing is that Aussie artists are really hitting all different genres at the moment. I do hope that we're becoming a new musical force! That would be fun. 

How will Mel Jade tackle the summer?

Summer is going to be so exciting! I just released a single called 'Not That Serious', I'll be doing a radio tour of the UK and I'm going to drop my FIRST album in August. I also have a few special shows planned so I'll keep you updated when more details are released. ;) I also keep everyone in the loop via Facebook and Twitter.


Not That Serious is available now. Keep an eye out for album release details over the summer.

Not That Serious - Single - Mel Jade