Gucci Mane ft Chief Keef, Darker

Produced by Trackman (808 Mafia), Darker is pretty dark alright. Moody, snarling and as rude as you might expect, Chief Keef gets in on Gucci Mane's free track giveaway.

BURNS, I Can't Wait

Over five minutes of banging bass music with an almost trap like under current from London producer BURNS. Get it for free through his website.

Laura Welsh, Cold Front

Laura Welsh is surely getting tired of the Jessie Ware comparisons already so let's not go there. This is a fantastic, melodic, richly layered slice of ambient electronic pop to which we should all take off our shirts, wear a tie (or belt if you prefer) around our heads and dance, slowly, cooly and with a confident facial expression.

Cold Front is released on 15th July 2013 through Polydor/Outsiders.

Laura Welsh

Jaymes Young, Dark Star

If I were a sales man trying to convince the world to embrace this new, other worldly concept called 'the internet', this track would certainly be in my presenter.

From seemingly nowhere, a singer from Los Angeles, going by the name of Jaymes Young with (currently) less than 100 twitter followers and just over 200 facebook fans has put a track called Dark Star into the cyber web. One song, no info about himself, not a particularly big following, nothing. The song is amazing and is consequently spreading across the globe like ocean transcending wildfire, giving hope to the 'it's all about the song' purists everywhere. Dark, hooky, post dubstep alt pop; head noddery ensues. Mind blown.

Without doubt one of the tracks of the week, month and probably year. And it's free...

Benin City, Faithless

Faithless is a sultry bit of dreamy afro beat dance with a wonderfully weird, trippy atmosphere; perfect for those late night, outer body experiences and giddy lunch time shuffles alike. London's Benin City manage to sound like a dark and mysterious cross between Ghost Poet and Metronomy. Glorious.

Faithless is out on 10th June 2013 through Audio Doughnuts, their debut album Fires In The Park is also due out this summer.

(via P&P)

Coasts, Your Soul

Already a firm favourite on Drums Eat Everything, Bristol's Coasts continue their summery calypso assault on the indie scene with another fine collection of melodies, cheerful guitars and pulsing bass. 

Your Soul features on the 'Paradise' EP which is out now through Tidal Recordings.

Paradise - EP - Coasts

Tropics, Home & Consonance (EP)

This is an EP full of rich, chilled electro tinged pop with samples, rhodes keys, interesting soundscapes and hooks. Southampton's Chris Ward launches his creative assault as Tropics and while his sound probably bares most resemblance to Toro Y Moi and Washed Out, the relaxed style still sounds fresh and new. Oh, and very, very warm.

Home and Consonance is out now through Five Easy Pieces. Go here for an extra special limited edition 12".

Home and Consonance - EP - Tropics

Swizzymack, Big Butt

Pick up this obnoxiously big trap track from Philadelphia's Swizzmack for free below. This should shake off your mid-week, post bank holiday blues.

Koda, Leaving

Never, ever has a near seven minute song felt so quick. Leaving is an absolute whirl wind of haunting vocals, pulsing bass and drums, oh, those drums which kick in all jazzy and spacious just before the three minute mark. Your head will spin with the rich, trippy beauty of this track from South Carolina's Jordan Sudak, aka Koda.

Leaving is available here through Bandcamp.

Discopolis, Falling (Committed To Sparkle Motion)

There must be something in the Scottish water because just as CHVRCHES start to dominate the airwaves, Edinburgh's Discopolis follow just behind with Falling, a huge, catchy electro indie pop track produced by Axwell, former member of the now dismantled Swedish House Mafia. The band have already supported Friendly Fires, Metronomy and Wild Beasts so they look like their solid tunes are rubbing shoulders with the right people too.

Falling (Committed To Sparkle Motion) is out now through Axtone Records.

Falling (Committed To Sparkle Motion) - EP - Discopolis

Autre Ne Veut, Counting

With lyrics like "Everything you say is breaking up/ This is not a time for this to stop" and "I'm counting on the idea that you'll stay", you could be forgiven for thinking Brooklyn bedroom producer Autre Ne Veut's new single Counting is about a breakup. It's actually about a phone call to his dying grandmother.  

If you like your forward thinking, stylish Jai Paul/How To Dress Well etc R&B beats with some of the aforementioned depth in the songwriting then this is for you. Great new track.

Counting is out now through Mexican Summer.

Counting - Anxiety

MMX, Ritual

Oxford's MMX sound to me like a glorious combination of Josef Salvat, early Hurts and The National; rich sounds and great songwriting. This is a fantastic song which builds and really gets you hooked about half way through. Essential listening. Love it.

(via MBBTYB)

Ritual is taken from their Child EP which is out now.

Child - EP - Mmx

ScHoolboy Q, Hell Of A Night

ScHoolboy Q follows up Yay Yay with a glossier production sound on the DJ Dahi produced Hell Of A Night. With a trap beat and big production behind him, his Interscope debut Oxymoron is set up to be a big record already.

Interview // Mel Jade

Last weekends' Great Escape was a non stop new music discovery mission, one such discovery was Australian singer Mel Jade whose intelligent and cinematic pop is quite rightly drawing comparisons to Lana Del Rey and Delilah. As the site ventured into interviewing, this is what she had to say about moving to the otherside of the world for music, drinking tea and the new Australian movement:

You recently moved to London from Melbourne, what made you make that switch?

My songs seem to all revolve around risk and doing whatever you want, so I guess that's just what I was feeling so I went and did it! London is such a big city with a really cool music scene. People have been really receptive to my music over this side of the planet so it was definitely time to come say hi! I still love Australia but it's awesome being so central to everything and I get to see a few castles and drink some tea while I'm at it. 

George Maple, Flume, Iggy Azalea, Chet Faker, Atlas Genius... it feels like a lot of really good new music is coming out of Australia right now. What's the music scene like over there and is there a feeling within Australia that you guys are about to take over the world?

Yeah! There's a lot of Aussie music I really love at the moment. But the funny thing is, in Australia I definitely don't get the vibe that the people think we're the next big thing to hit. Traditionally we don't take ourselves too seriously and our stars usually bail and go somewhere else to take their careers to the next level haha. The cool thing is that Aussie artists are really hitting all different genres at the moment. I do hope that we're becoming a new musical force! That would be fun. 

How will Mel Jade tackle the summer?

Summer is going to be so exciting! I just released a single called 'Not That Serious', I'll be doing a radio tour of the UK and I'm going to drop my FIRST album in August. I also have a few special shows planned so I'll keep you updated when more details are released. ;) I also keep everyone in the loop via Facebook and Twitter.


Not That Serious is available now. Keep an eye out for album release details over the summer.

Not That Serious - Single - Mel Jade

MØ, Waste Of Time

Copenhagen's finest has pretty much solidified her sound and artistic vision with her fourth single, Waste Of Time. Probably her finest track to date, 's soulful electro pop carries some mischievously dark undertones here and if you don't like this you're an idiot. And I'm an idiot for missing her at The Great Escape last week.


The incredible MS MR did a sneaky remix of Pilgrim, which you can get here for free if you do a bit of Facebook likage.

HAERTS, All The Days

NYC group HAERTS seem to have sprung up from nowhere and are suddenly becoming my favourite new alt indie disco band. All The Days WILL dominate your alt radio station playlist and just like Gotye's big hit, you may end up hating this too. But you shouldn't, it rocks.

(via Beautiful Buzz)

Wilsen, Dusk

Another piece of delicate and thoughtful acoustic indie pop from the NYC band who's star is definitely on the rise. For a homemade DIY recorded band Wilsen have certainly got their shit together and Dusk sounds like the finished article to me with not a hint of bland folk in sight. Beautiful.

Dusk is the second single to be taken from their self-released album Sirens and is out on 10th June. Sirens is out now.

Dusk - Sirens

Hot New Stuff // Meeka Kates

Philadelphia's Meeka Kates sounds like he's on to something with Thinking About You, one of the tracks from his self released Junior EP. He's knocking out chilled electronic tracks with a definite eye on R&B inspired production and relaxed vocals, the sound is sitting somewhere around Washed Out on my playlist. Head to his soundcloud for to hear more of the EP.

MisterWives, Coffins

NYC's MisterWives have got quite a talent for songwriting and in Coffins they've managed to create a song which sounds so organic and yet very original. A warm electric piano drives this understated track which sounds like it was made for the forth coming follow up to 'The Garden State'. Get it free below.

(via P&P)

Touch Sensitive, Pizza Guy

Daft Punk has got me in the mood for robot disco sounds, the sun has got me in the mood for summer beats and now Touch Sensitive comes along and scratches both of those itches. This video also makes you want to cruise around Australia delivering vinyl pizzas and features a couple of nice little cameos from some of our favourite Australians, Flume and Chet Faker.

Pizza Guy / Show Me is out now through Future Classics.

Pizza Guy / Show Me - Single - Touch Sensitive

V V Brown, Samson


VV Brown continues to explore a darker side than her fans have been used to with Samson, a track which snarls and threatens with a constantly purposeful focus. It's kind of bassy, R&B inspired pop with a pretty noire video. Really strong stuff.

Samson is released on 14th July through YOY Records. The album Samson & Delilah is due out in September.

Stay Positive, Leipzig

Former Manchester band turned London based solo producer, Stay Positive drop another relentless dance track with enough atmosphere to make you feel the ravers sweat from under your headphones.

Click here to download Leipzig for free (via XLR8R).

Free Music Friday // The Chainsmokers Remix - Say Lou Lou, Julian

Say Lou Lou's golden pop nugget gets the big house rework treatment by The Chainsmokers, a New York duo who are quickly becoming the go-to guys for a slamming dance party remix of your best single. Alex and Drew knocked together an equation to explain their approach to reworking this track, FYI:

   Say Lou Lou(Julian) x The Chainsmokers                 Happiness
--------------------------------------------------------------------    x    ----------------------   = This Song
(Indie + Dance) x (Pop Music + Summer Time)               Sadness

Get it free through their soundcloud. Go here to hear the Say Lou Lou original.

Pusha T, Numbers On The Boards

Co-produced by his label boss Kanye West, Pusha T's Numbers On The Boards is a vicious, relentless roll of a beat, which hums in your conscience like some all-knowing, bad ass swarm of gangster bees, nodding their threatening little heads and giving you those eyes for almost three minutes. Pusha's vocal shows the talent and ease that Kanye keeps jumping up and down about and if you can't get hooked into this then you don't like hip hop. It's on constant repeat over here.

Numbers On The Boards is out now through G.O.O.D. Music.

Numbers On the Boards - Single - Pusha T

Smallpools, Dreaming

Don't believe the doom mongers and rain chasers, summer is here. And if your summer is going to be soundtracked by anything other than Daft Punk on repeat then get stuck into Smallpools, a fourpiece from Los Angeles who sit nicely between Passion Pit and Foster The People. This already sounds like an insagram'd bunch of good looking people in ray bans and hats on an LA beach in the sun having a sickeningly good time with beer. It's also free.

(via the smashing tastemakers over at Neon Gold)

Meg Myers, Heart Heart Head

Meg Myers' debut major label release sees her lose none of her quirky individuality. Heart Heart Head is an intriguing and intense slow burner, erupting into a bunny boiler fit of hysteria in which Myers manages to pull off an incredibly powerful delivery whilst scaring the shit out of you.

Heart Heart Head is out now through Atlantic Records (US).

Heart Heart Head - Single - Meg Myers

Thumpers, Unkinder (A Tougher Love)

Stop the press; this is amazing. I wanted to see Thumpers at The Great Escape last week and thanks to this unbelievably good single from the London duo, I'm now sick with regret. A bombastic, synth/guitar/drum groove train with the excitement of a fizzy drink but the cool panache of classic Ray Bans. A favourite new band with one of the best songs of 2013. Fact.

Unkinder (A Tougher Love) will be a limited 12" release in June, keep an eye on the bands social media for more info.

The Great Escape 2013, Part Three - Saturday

This is the third and final part of Drums Eat Everything's highlights coverage from The Great Escape Festival 2013. Please leave your questions and tears until the end. Check out parts one and two for more great music and until next year; thank you Brighton.

Dan Croll has been getting some nice coverage on Radio 1 over the last few weeks and months but how he's not all over the mainstream like a tramp on chips I just don't know; his alt-indie-pop songwriting craft has been earning some solid radio support in the US thanks to Sirius in particular. With an honest and endearing live show to a ram packed lunchtime showcase (in the darkest room you've (n)ever seen (oops, sorry, was that your foot?)) backing up his consistently brilliant songs, the campaign for Croll to go supersonic gets a big thumbs up here.

Not a band i'd heard of before their unplugged-and-yet-still-electro set (no, I couldn't work out why it worked either), the London trio combine forward thinking textures with heavy bass and organic groves, topped by the Cold War Kids-esq passionately belted lead vocals which will stay with you. All day. Until you go see them play a full band set that night. Which is also fantastic. Great band.

With two of the catchiest electro-pop singles of the year already under their belt and a recent remix for MS MR keeping their love for thick, analogous juno sounds in our conscience, CHVRCHES definitely came into the festival as one of the most hotly anticipated acts. Their stage show was calm and considered, allowing the sweet and unasuming vocals to sit on top of some big driving retro atmosphere and to be honest, when you've got Recover and The Mother We Share in your set you can afford to be confident. Being lapped up by an expectant crowd = good job well done.

The British-Norweigan indie rock band with one of the more creative names of the festival smashed through a high octane set which undoubtedly grew and got better as it went on, an interesting point considering pretty much every other act seemed to be front loading their sets. A band of very skilled musicians can often crash and burn as taste is sacrificed in favour of self gratification but in this case the songs flourished as the lead guitarists afro drew everyone in to their sweaty gaze. 

The Great Escape 2013, Part Two - Friday

Day two of some of the highlights from The Great Escape Festival in Brighton last weekend.

Let's not mess about, here's Friday:


Brighton duo Anushka were dropping beats to an incredibly packed basement club upon my chance arrival and very quickly I became engulfed by the love-in. Sounding like a still fresh Katy B but with more street cred and a penchant for smokey dance music, they tore through some big sounds with pitch perfect vocals and enough substance to match the style. Pick up their EP Yes Guess here.

The German chill-house producer created a pretty big simultaneous head nodding session with some soaring vocals, live-looping and percussion (we now know he hits cymbals with tambourines). Single Sea was the stand out live track, buy it here.

San Zhi

Sounding sleek yet stripped and ethereal, R&Breeze™ pop group San Zhi slyly come over as some kind of sexy hybrid of The XX and Polica, with AlunaGeorge on diet coke coming down in the corner. That's not to say there's no sugary fizz in this band, far from it. But they are so effortlessly understated in delivering their beautifully rich tunes that you can't help but unknowingly fall under their spell. Get their EP here.

Josef Salvat

Australia-via-London singer songwriter Josef Salvat drew a lot of sympathy from me for his hotly anticipated performance in a quite imaculate sounding church. He tried and tried and tried to put on a show to a vibe-free room full of arms-folded music industry bods, who were all keen to run the rule over what's been sold as one of pop music next leading men. He nailed the quirky awkward-confidence showman thing and his bass playing, beat triggering, spectacular beard wearing side kick was probably just as watchable. He really needed to have a full band though.


The riffs of White Stripes, the power of QOSTA and the ruckus energy of early Arctic Monkeys, Sheffield's brotherly duo Drenge absolutely owned a packed, sweaty room above a pub and made far more noise than a bassist free band has any right to. Very exciting indeed and one of the bands many people were talking about over the weekend.

The Great Escape 2013, Part One - Thursday

So last week and weekend I went to one of the finest new music festivals in the world in Brighton on the South coast of England. I wasn't sure how to write it up; all in one big thing, one shorter post for every band I saw, extra posts for good stuff I didn't manage to see etc. The verdict is this event will be chronologically logged by day (very efficient) with some bonus/spill over posts for all of the great stuff I discovered but wasn't able to see. 

First up, Thursday:

Jake Hart is already one of these hungry drums favourite new prospects and he and his band played a breezy afternoon set in the gloriously non-English sunshine from the side of a shiny van to a packed square in the town centre. Awake was as effortlessly cool and beautiful live as it is on record and Hart & co's live remix/cover of Lana Del Rey's Born To Die was an unexpected diamond.


If you want to feel like a car is reversing over your chest, throat, face, legs, well every inch of your body really, each and every time your favourite experimental alt-electronic band hits a kick drum then this was the show you needed to be at. The bass extravagance did come at a price though; super sweet vocals were at times drowned out and a lot of top end intricacy was  painted over by the subs. A great band though with one of the best albums of the year so far.

Crystal Fighters

Anthemic, positive summer vibes exuded from Basque-Brit band Crystal Fighters in a packed hall-turned-venue called The Warren. Very sweaty, very engaging and very happy, the band shuffled and calypso'd their tropical selves through a spell binding set which had everyone smiling and dancing giddily. Very impressive, as is their debut album 'Cave Rave' which you can preview and pre-order through the soundcloud player below.

On an On

I walked in on these guys purely by chance and was very pleasantly impressed by their soaring melodies, laid back grooves and love of spacious textures. A star gazing light explosion soundtrack at its late night best from a band to watch. Their debut album available now (here).

No Ceremony///

If there's a band more suited for an atmospheric, late night underground indie club rave than Manchester's No Ceremony/// then I haven't found them. It's a pretty rare thing that big pumping club beats can combine so easily with ambient vibes, solid songs and a mesmerising performance. All in one hit. Smashed it.

Baauer remix - Disclosure ft Eliza Doolittle, You & Me

Baauer gets big and nasty with Disclosure's latest chart conquering single You & Me. Typically catastrophic beats from one of the biggest names in bass music, he somehow manages to makes a stop-start beat groove and flow while Eliza Doolittle's sweet vocals get pitch shifted and mashed thrown all over the place in the breakdown. Just don't make any silly videos to this, for gods sake.

Mikky Ekko, Disappear

Nashville singer Mikky Ekko takes his knack for skilful songwriting and marries it with his appetite for interesting, forward thinking production on the self produced demo of Disappear. He may have made his biggest splash to date on Stay, the track he wrote and duetted with Rihanna but if this is anything to go by his talent won't be restrained by paint-by-numbers stadium anthems.

Mid May Beats

Three slamming tracks doing it for me right now. The John Newman tune is likely to be everywhere for the rest of the summer so head's up if you're not already acquainted

La La La (feat. Sam Smith) - EP - Naughty Boy

Love Me Again - Love Me Again (Remixes) - EP

Power Trip (feat. Miguel) - Power Trip (feat. Miguel) - Single 

If you're in a (good) band, send me your beats. Everything gets listened to.
And if you're hitting The Great Escape this weekend tweet me on @drumsnomnom.

Gilbere Forte ft Active Child, Nolita

Chilled, haunting, catchy and wheezy, Nolita pairs Michigan-born/Philly-bread emcee Gilbere Forte with the ambiently soaring vocal talents of Active Child for a track with some real character, lyrical substance and heavy soul. Love this. (via P&P)

Paper Crows, White Noise

If you dig the warm electro pop movement currently championed by the likes of MSMR and Say Lou Lou then wrap your ear lobes around London duo Paper Crows. The bass heavy White Noise is here to seduce you with it's hooks and mischievous lack of cost. (via SOC)

Hot New Stuff // WRLDS, Communicate

Allow me to introduce Nashville duo Jake Goss and Les Priest, who combine forces as WRLDS to make rich, dreamy electronic synth pop which sits somewhere between Washed Out and Hurts on my radar. Very nice. More please.

Communicate is out now.

Communicate - Communicate - Single