Scene City // New York City

Scene City // New York City

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Some of the most exciting new talent bubbling to the surface in the iconic Empire City:


Wilsen have recently been announced as tour support for Daughter's US dates and one listen of the fragile and sparse 'Anahita' shows you why. They describe themselves as contemporary folk with ethereal, electric arrangements. A bit like Sigur Ros, Bon Iver and Arcade Fire on a come-down with an orchestral percussionist. A really strong entrance.

T H E  C H A I N S M O K E R S

Production duo Drew Taggart and Alex Pall have been making the hype machine their bitch recently with their excellent Two Door Cinema Club and Little Daylight remixes firing them to the top of the blogosphere. Slots with Calvin Harris and Avicii probably didn't hurt them either and now Daughter get some big house Chainsmokers action.

T H E  U N D E R A C H I E V E R S

The Underachievers are a hip hop duo from Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn who make up part of the Beast Coast collective along with Joey Bada$$ and Flatbush Zombies. They're signed to Flying Lotus' label and you can get their 17 track mixtape here for free.

The Underachievers

M S  M R 

MS MR were on my list and I love their music so they're staying on this ones-to-watch list, despite their new found fame. If you want to know more, click here, if you just want sweet sounds in your ears click play:

L I O N  B A B E

Similarly, Lion Babe shot onto lots of major radio playlists with this electro-soul pop gem, which is retro, sleek and warm whilst remaining edgy and modern.

Treat Me Like Fire - Single - Lion Babe


The melting pot of NYC strikes again with Berlin conceived, now Brooklyn based Candide who makes ambient, atmospheric electro pop house music and this cheeky little viber is free. The brilliant Scaredy Cat is also worth a look, right here.

H A L E E K  M A U L

Another New York import, Barbados' Haleek Maul is a sixteen year old emcee and production prodigy whose dark, haunting and ambient hip hop is ridiculously good. His delivery reminds me of Childish Gambino's angsty moments but his lyrics are undoubtedly more mischievous and darker. As they say in France; c'est magnifique.

Haleek Maul

H O T  S U G A R

A haunting, out of tune piano doesn't seem like the most obvious way to introduce a beat but Nick Koenig, aka Hot Sugar makes this work into some trippy, hipster glitch-groove masterpiece. 


Josh Mease locked himself away in his "tiny half bedroom" in Brooklyn and created an album which does not sound like it was made with barely any input from other musicians. Beautifully ambient, purposeful and really well written, Where Did It Go? has all the melody and craft to be a huge summer indie track and let everyone else know about Lapland.

Lapland - Lapland

W H I T E  P R I S M 

Fresh from supporting MØ, Brooklyn's Australian born White Prism has already developed an impressive following with her airy take on electro pop. I defy you not to fall for the obnoxiously 80's synths and snare drum on Lover's Dream. The self released White Prism EP is released on 23 April, pre order here:

White Prism - EP - White Prism

B L A C K  L I G H T  D I N N E R  P A R T Y

Brooklyn's Black Light Dinner Party have had an incredibly bittersweet rise to notoriety. A collection of musicians and producers in their own rights who were having some success playing experimental Flying Lotus-y stuff. They decided to start an accessible project making the accomplished, shiny and warm synth pop you can hear below upon learning that one of the guys mothers had been diagnosed with cancer. They started to do well, she was obviously proud of her sons achievement and then sadly passed away.

B.L.D.P - EP - Black Light Dinner Party

E M P R E S S  O F

Another Brooklyn artist (what do the other boroughs do??), Lorely Rodriguez trades in arty electronic songs as Empress Ofreminiscent of Grimes, Bjork and M83. She sings and makes her own track and is even releasing a couple of tracks in her native Spanish.

Systems - EP - Empress Of

C A M E R A 2

Brooklyn fourpiece Camera 2 have made videos to all of the tracks on their debut album, one of which features a nine year old boy on his night time wander through times square. Interesting project, good groove, curious video and with such a solid haircut, the kid's going places.