Scene City // London

Part one was Los Angeles, Part two dives into the hottest London acts tearing the UK music scene a new one:

It's very, very rare that instrumentals get featured on here, in fact this may very well be a cherry popping occasion. But London producer Kelpe has just thrown this out, a hazy, hypnotic trip of a beat. Brilliant production, great vibe, if you're hungover this Sunday morning then good luck, this will help.


Jake Hart's featured here before, combining atmospheric electronic style with choppy vocals, percussive drive and live guitar picking. Clever, but not in a pointless muso way, this will slide into your subconscious like a slippery but friendly tape worm.

Although Josef Salvat's This Life seems to have been around for ages, he's still only put out this one single and a couple of remixes so here it is again. Minimal production, a steady burner with deep rumbly bass and a big hooky chorus.

Josef Salvat

His breakthrough single NYC captured many peoples attention for it's sparse beauty, minimalistic charm and delicate vocals. Follow up Reykjavik is arguably better and Brolin is certainly someone to keep an eye on.


SWIM first featured here with a brilliant little glittery track called Ride. The duo are back with Creeper and follow their electro pop blueprint but with a slightly darker edge, reflecting a more electronic Friendly Fires with some new romantic Hurts-esq warmth.

Laura Welsh's Unravel was born following a single day studio blitz with Blood Orange/Dev Hynes who seems to be in a rich vein of form at the minute, Unravel sitting perfectly next to recent Sky Ferriera and Solange successes whilst ushering Welsh into the view of soul pop fans everywhere.

Since I started compiling this list London Grammar went and got pretty massive. But if you missed them first time round, they blew up when Hey Now first emerged at the turn of the year and their hype wagon is rolling along nicely thanks to a couple of really strong singles and solid remixes like this one from Switch.

London Grammar

Syron's syncopated house rave up's have earned her some weighty fans including Annie Mac, Zane Lowe, Pop Justice and Black Butter Records. If Katy B's not careful her spot will have been snatched by this 21 year old from South London. Go here for more Syron, and a free remix.


Yadi is a lady who's track The Blow landed a remix from Joe Goddard which has a nice video. They're both below because not everyone agrees with me that the big, shuffling, hooky original is better. She recently supported MS MR and is one to watch.


London solo pop ladies have been well represented here, Chloe Howl  brings Kate Nash's quirky, accent laden take on modern commentary to 2013 with the attitude and charisma to draw an approving smile. If you like this, you can get her EP for free from her site.