Live // Darkstar, XOYO, London

Darkstar live. 
Monday 25th February 2013. 

"I feel like I'm in the future right now", the view of my Darkstar newbie guest for the gig. And having followed the progression of both the band and dance music since breakthough single "Aidy's Girl's A Computer" I have to agree on their futuristic credentials. While dubstep came and went, Skrillex and Calvin Harris filled stadiums and Skream demanded crazy money for DJ sets, Darkstar shied away from the mainstreams thirst for trap, wobba wobba wuuuuuub and Topshop styled, hands-in-the-air "secret" warehouse raves, in favour of innovation, artistic vision and genre bursting defiance. 

Previously featured singles Timeaway and Amplified Ease give a flavour of the album, which flows, blossoms, haunts, jutters and gazes (then ploughs) into uncharted territories with elegance and abrasion in (bizarrely) equal measure. On a crisp Monday evening in the English capital, 'News From Nowhere' rubbed shoulders with early tracks like Gold for an impressively busy Shoreditch basement club. Having just returned from a European tour, the trio were slick and slyly coaxed their audience into collective head nodding and a rapturous reception. A bold band, epitomising 'thinking outside the box' and giving XOYO's patrons an Monday night musical trip. The future is here indeed.

News From Nowhere is out now on Warp Records.

News from Nowhere - Darkstar