Free Music Friday // Five Big One's

New York's The Chainsmokers dropped this in my inbox earlier this week, brimming with unmistakable enthusiasm at having landed an official remix of the blog conquering Overdose, a track they first fell in love with at a party. By the sounds of this and their excellent Two Door Cinema Club remix, they might be getting a few more remix requests in future.

Josef Salvat's brilliant This Life (original here) gets shaded in by Stockholm's Phat Deuce, who keep a surprising amount of the original but still manage to change it up and dim the lights significantly. 

Remixing an atmospheric indie hit has got to be pretty intimidating; how to make it less organic/more electronic, how to give it a beat without sounding clunky, how to be creative but still keep the key elements... Dublin's Cillo wasn't worried and his tasteful rework of this Of Monsters And Men track shows why.

Yesterday, Drums Eat Everything fell in love with SZA's ICE.MOON and consequent back-catelogue rummaging revealed the fantastic See.SZA.Run EP, which shows the forward thinking future pop/soul/R&B songstress' vision over seven glorious tracks. 

Portugese DJ Branko features Roses Gabor on Waves, a fine piece of dark house which will be the lead track from his forthcoming album, Drums Slums Hums.