Daughter, Human

With the typically haunting, sombre and hooky intelligence we've come to expect from London cool cats Daughter, Human is a more upbeat alternative to their excellent recent releases Still and Smother. With such great singles how can their album fail? Great band, big fan.

Human is out now through 4AD.

Human - Single - Daughter

RDGLDGRN, Million Fans

Even a verse from Lil Wayne couldn't stop the Limp Bizkit comeback single from being anything other than, well, limp. But that doesn't mean all hip hop influenced bands are total toilet, enter Washington DC's RDGLDGRN who manage to smash several stereotypes with Million Fans and it's fish eye lensed video. Live drum grooves work, skateboarding and football are both a big deal to them and RD is even sporting a Manchester United shirt. 

Red Gold Green EP is out now through Universal Republic.

Red Gold Green - EP - RDGLDGRN

Tyler, The Creator - IFHY

Shit this guy has some crazy creative juice running through his veins. As Odd Future's visionary main man you expect Tyler to deliver quality and interest and even when he's a doll in a miniature house, he drops both. 

New album Wolf is released on 1st April 2013 through Odd Future LLP.

Wolf - Tyler, The Creator

Hudson Mohawke, Pleasure

Recently signed to Kanye's label and having had a pretty incredible year with TNGHT's global success, Hudson Mohawke has every right to feel a little smug. This tidy club-shaking Janet Jackson sampling track has all the fizzy pumping bass you need.

Ping him an email address here and it's yours for free. 

Free Music Friday // Lykke Li, I Follow Rivers (RedsSparrow Remix)

Very rarely do 7 minute dance tracks not feel repetitive, particularly one's which don't deviate from the main theme very much. Don't ask me how he's done it but Sheffield producer RedSparrow has certainly defied such pitfalls and made his deep house remix of Lykke Li's biggest hit groove, ebb and flow for longer than he had any right to. (via)

Phoenix, Entertainment (Blood Orange Remix)

French comeback kids Phoenix scored a winning remix when they got Blood Orange (Dev Hynes to his mother) to get into the track. He snared the original Sugababes, now known as Mutya, Keisha & Siobhan for copyright reasons, for some vox action and bang, good job well done.  

Woodkid - I Love You (Brodinski Remix)

Piano chords, percussive shakes and distant siren synths set the foundations for Brodinski's French x French (Lille v Lyon) remix of Woodkid's I love you. Things go through the gears at around the 2 minute 30 mark with the introduction of some bass and a hard kicking beat.

As a director of videos for the likes of Katy Perry, Lana Del Rey, Rihanna and Drake by trade,Woodkid's video is unsurprisingly slick and seemingly a bit of a creative outpouring for him.

I Love You is out now on Green United Music.

I Love You - The Golden Age

Active Child, Evening Ceremony

A mellow, ambient pad, distant bells, a harp and electric drums give Evening Ceremony a warm, analogue feel around which LA's Pat Grossi aka Active Child weaves his sensitive lyrics and James Blake-y backing vocal warps. Beautifully chilled and rich.

Active Child

Say Lou Lou, Julian

They may have tweaked their name (Saint recently became Say) since being tipped for great things here but Norway-via-Australia sister duo Say Lou Lou have not changed their ability to write infectious, melodic pop of the highest order. Love this.

Julian is released on 6th May 2013 through à Deux Records. 

Say Lou Lou

Amplify Dot, Kurt Cobain

Word is Virgin Records were so impressed with Amplify Dot's artistic vision, rhymes and natural flow that they decided to give her a totally free reign to create her art. That's some freedom to get from a major but this cute, effortless purge of charismatic ambition is their justification.

Kurt Cobain is released on 28th April 2013 through Virgin Records.

Amplify Dot

ScHoolboy Q, Yay Yay

South Central LA's ScHoolboy Q is set to follow fellow Top Dawg Entertainment artist Kendrick Lamar by dropping his first major label album through Interscope Records this year. OXYMORON 13 is due to be one of the most eagerly anticipated records of the year, Boi-1da produced Yay Yay is the first cut taken from it and features the laid back West Coast sound with a purposeful delivery.

Schoolboy Q

Harts, Back To The Shore

Melbourne's Harts just released the Offtime EP which if you ask me sounds all too summery for a biterley cold and snowy England but impressive enough to distract any jealousy at the Australian March weather. Back to the Shore sounds like the solo producer's version of a We Are Scientists indie-dance hit; big, catchy and fun.(via)

Offtime EP is out now through Island/Universal.

Offtime - EP - Harts

AlunaGeorge, Attracting Flies (Baauer Remix)

Let's not have any silly videos jumping on this, Baauer gives AlunaGeorge's latest R&B pop hit as enough dynamics and darkness to keep a warehouse full of ravers guessing.

The remix will be available on Beatport from 22nd March 2013.

Attracting Flies is available now through Universal Island Records.

Attracting Flies - Single - AlunaGeorge

The Other Tribe, We Should Be Dancing

With cluncky, percussive synths, a slick house beat and pop song structure, Bristol's The Other Tribe follow last years huge Skirts with another summery party jam. Flick an email address in their direction and this is yours for free. Go here.

gaVen heVy, Crab Legs

New York City rapper gaVen heVy is someone I've been following carefully since hearing his promising early demos a couple of months ago. He's come back with a slick, vintage NYC boom-bap style beat, dropping his effortless flow over a track reminiscent of the warm, sample-heavy nostalgia of his fellow Brooklyn-ite Joey Bada$$.

Update 27th October 2013 // This new self-produced video for Crab Legs just dropped so now you can look at the talented kid while you nod your head. This still sounds great.

gaVen heVy - Crab Legs from INeverRapped2BCool on Vimeo.

Shlohmo ft Jeremih, Bo Peep (Do U Right)

Leftfield beatmaker meets R&B soul singer for a dark and melodic track which is a free giveaway and the latest in the YoursTruly songs from scratch series. Shlohmo and Jeremih may be an unlikely team but they spawn compellingly intriguing results. Big tune.

Hunter as a Horse, Your Darkest Hour

London's Hunter as a Horse "live in Richmond upon Thames next to the river and the trees, composing music, learning to astral travel and dreaming up ways to communicate with the other side." This sounds kind of like a trip hop remix of a chillwave Bat For Lashes song to me. Very rich.

Chance My Brother, Never Gonna Need My Love

Sounding like you're influenced by Mutemath and As Tall As Lions is no bad thing and gives an indication of the type of creative alt-indie sound LA's Chance My Brother have. Previously hyped here, Never Gonna Need My Love is hooky, interesting and scratches your synth itch, all at once.

Get their EP "1" here:

1 - Chance My Brother - USA                                  1 - Chance My Brother - UK

Kendrick Lamar ft Jay Z, Bitch Don't Kill My Vibe (Remix)

So this isn't a new track and the guys on the track are hardly unknown. But this reworking of one of the standout tracks from one of 2012's best albums and breakthrough artists definitely deserves a play. How can Kendrick Lemar and Jay Z on one track be less than sick? It can't.

Check the Kill Them With Colour remix of this track too, it's pretty amazing. Here.

Justin Timberlake ft Jay Z, Suit & Tie (TOKiMONSTA Remix)

LA's TOKiMONSTA is already responsible for one of the best singles of the year so far (Go With It) and now the best remix prize might well be in the bag too with an upgrade which was incredibly overlooked as an official remix. Sure, JT's musical return has been pretty much universally applauded but was his comeback single all that? Now it's got a serious bass line and some 2013 swagger. 

Last Lynx, Luminous Blue

Stockholm's Last Lynx are undoubtedly one of the finest (of a pretty impressive crop) Scandinavian indie-electro-pop acts dominating new music right now. Their excellent debut Killing Switch hit the hype machine's number one spot - twice, and the modestly moody and melodic follow up Luminous Blue is equally as beautiful. Magnificent music. 

'Ocean Reels' EP is released on 10th April on SoFo Records.

Last Lynx

Deptford Goth, Life After Defo

Having just released one of the most celebrated albums of the year so far, South London's Deptforth Goth's title track and album opener Life After Defo is about "the transition from certainty to the unknown and the space between despair and hope." (via). It gives an introduction to the record, with lush synths, pristine production and creativity in abundance. 

Union is perhaps a more instant track, fusing R&B, with indie and minimal electronica, like Bon Iver's Radiohead inspired track with The Weeknd. Strong.

Life After Defo is out now on Merok Records.
Life After Defo (Bonus Track Version) - Deptford Goth

Scene City // London

Part one was Los Angeles, Part two dives into the hottest London acts tearing the UK music scene a new one:

It's very, very rare that instrumentals get featured on here, in fact this may very well be a cherry popping occasion. But London producer Kelpe has just thrown this out, a hazy, hypnotic trip of a beat. Brilliant production, great vibe, if you're hungover this Sunday morning then good luck, this will help.


Jake Hart's featured here before, combining atmospheric electronic style with choppy vocals, percussive drive and live guitar picking. Clever, but not in a pointless muso way, this will slide into your subconscious like a slippery but friendly tape worm.

Although Josef Salvat's This Life seems to have been around for ages, he's still only put out this one single and a couple of remixes so here it is again. Minimal production, a steady burner with deep rumbly bass and a big hooky chorus.

Josef Salvat

His breakthrough single NYC captured many peoples attention for it's sparse beauty, minimalistic charm and delicate vocals. Follow up Reykjavik is arguably better and Brolin is certainly someone to keep an eye on.


SWIM first featured here with a brilliant little glittery track called Ride. The duo are back with Creeper and follow their electro pop blueprint but with a slightly darker edge, reflecting a more electronic Friendly Fires with some new romantic Hurts-esq warmth.

Laura Welsh's Unravel was born following a single day studio blitz with Blood Orange/Dev Hynes who seems to be in a rich vein of form at the minute, Unravel sitting perfectly next to recent Sky Ferriera and Solange successes whilst ushering Welsh into the view of soul pop fans everywhere.

Since I started compiling this list London Grammar went and got pretty massive. But if you missed them first time round, they blew up when Hey Now first emerged at the turn of the year and their hype wagon is rolling along nicely thanks to a couple of really strong singles and solid remixes like this one from Switch.

London Grammar

Syron's syncopated house rave up's have earned her some weighty fans including Annie Mac, Zane Lowe, Pop Justice and Black Butter Records. If Katy B's not careful her spot will have been snatched by this 21 year old from South London. Go here for more Syron, and a free remix.


Yadi is a lady who's track The Blow landed a remix from Joe Goddard which has a nice video. They're both below because not everyone agrees with me that the big, shuffling, hooky original is better. She recently supported MS MR and is one to watch.


London solo pop ladies have been well represented here, Chloe Howl  brings Kate Nash's quirky, accent laden take on modern commentary to 2013 with the attitude and charisma to draw an approving smile. If you like this, you can get her EP for free from her site.

Brolin, Reykjavik

London's Brolin is "a bedroom producer, self-taught, self-analysing, into beats, space and melody" whose track NYC earned him a lot of fans last year and he recently dropped this into the internet world, a rich, melodic swathe of playful subtlety. It's also a very solid pop song. Style and substance, done.

Reykjavik is out now on Double Denim Records.

Reykjavik - Reykjavik - Single

Lulu James, Closer

The tide of modern soul ladies is irrepressibly strong at the minute, Jessie Ware has certainly opened a few doors for the likes of Laura Welsh, warmed the playlists for Solange and now Newcastle's Lulu James' soulful R&B credentials are laid out on the darkly progressive Closer.

Check out Brolin's ambient vibes on the remix too. More on him soon.

Closer is out on 5th April 2013 through Sony.

Closer - EP - Lulu James

Free Music Friday // Five Big One's

New York's The Chainsmokers dropped this in my inbox earlier this week, brimming with unmistakable enthusiasm at having landed an official remix of the blog conquering Overdose, a track they first fell in love with at a party. By the sounds of this and their excellent Two Door Cinema Club remix, they might be getting a few more remix requests in future.

Josef Salvat's brilliant This Life (original here) gets shaded in by Stockholm's Phat Deuce, who keep a surprising amount of the original but still manage to change it up and dim the lights significantly. 

Remixing an atmospheric indie hit has got to be pretty intimidating; how to make it less organic/more electronic, how to give it a beat without sounding clunky, how to be creative but still keep the key elements... Dublin's Cillo wasn't worried and his tasteful rework of this Of Monsters And Men track shows why.

Yesterday, Drums Eat Everything fell in love with SZA's ICE.MOON and consequent back-catelogue rummaging revealed the fantastic See.SZA.Run EP, which shows the forward thinking future pop/soul/R&B songstress' vision over seven glorious tracks. 

Portugese DJ Branko features Roses Gabor on Waves, a fine piece of dark house which will be the lead track from his forthcoming album, Drums Slums Hums.

SZA, Ice Moon

If you're wondering who is going to follow Janelle Monae down the future R&B rabbit hole and take the fight to Frank Ocean and The Weeknd for the girls then you're going to want to know about SZA. Pushing the boundaries of modern soul, pop and R&B with creativity bordering on experimentation, Ice Moon could well be the Bjork inspired, A$AP produced, Cyril Hahn remixed Beyonce track that we can only dream about.

Electric Guest, The Bait

LA band Electric Guest were one of SXSW 2012's success stories and have gone on to be tipped for greatness by MTV. Their debut album 'Mondo' has been produced by Danger Mouse and his vintage bouncy warmth is all over this summery indie pop singalong. It almost feels like July...

The Bait and Mondo are out now through Because Music.

The Bait - Mondo