Hot New Stuff // Man Without Country

One of the highlights from Miike Snow's laregly disappointing second album, Pretender gets a snarling bass makeover thanks to Welsh duo Man Without Country:

They also got their hands all over M83's monsterous Midnight City, staying pretty true to the original but roughing it up and putting some nasty rumbles in it's belly:

Their own stuff is good too, atmospheric, eerie and haunting with heavy electronics, relentless, pounding drums and a hyponotic, airy-chant vocal, I'm not sure whether to dance to this or have nightmares to it. Either way, I like it:

Their debut album FOE is out now on Lost Balloon. 

Foe - Man Without Country

Dan Croll, Compliment Your Soul/Wanna Know

Liverpool based Dan Croll announced himself last year with one of the best debut singles I've heard for a long time, the brilliant From Nowhere. He's made a couple more tracks available now, the off beat shuffling Compliment Your Soul and the more relaxed Wanna Know. The soaring melodies and alternative pop style of From Nowhere are continued, quality output so far.

Dan Croll

Hot New Stuff // Syron

Here sounds like a tropical, almost calypso infused Katy B track; heavy rumbling subs make you feel the chorus (speaker set up permitting) and twitchy synths flutter between snare stabs and Syron's strong vocal. The 19 year old South Londoner looks set for a big year having already bagged major support from Zane Lowe, The Guardian, Noisey, Pop Justice and Black Butter Records.

Breakthough single Breaking is probably more instant and demands a healthy amount of shoulder shaking. So go on, shake 'em.

Our good friend Annie Mac has scored a free house remix of Here, courtesy of TCTS. So you don't have to go home empty handed after all.


Free Music Friday // Snow Angel, Snowgod+

Theophilus London teamed up with Trouble Andrew to create Snow Angel's debut slice of hip hop, which you can have for free! (via)

Scene City // Los Angeles

The first in a series of looks into localised music scenes with good stuff going on, here's a group of musicians, in no particular order, who are the shit. 

Scene City part one kicks things off with the bulging talent bank of Los Angeles, California:

Sir Sly

One of the bands to really make a break through on the blog front in 2013, trio Sir Sly combine melancholic melodic pop with a sound more production heavy than you would associate with most standard issue indie-pop bands. More of their stuff is here.

Sir Sly

Possibly fitting into that vaguely monikered genre, 'Future Pop', Chance My Brother sound ambient, comfortably digestible and fun, mixing the back end of chillwave with R n B suggestions in pretty pop packages. Get their EP here.

Banks is no stranger to this blog, having made a strong debut with Lil Silva's Work  here before dropping this soulful, moody and meaningful piece of dark pop. Brutally honest lyrics and almost snarling attitude in the stunning delivery. Nod your head, it's fine.

Before I Ever Met You - Fall Over - EP

The Peach Kings

Their biog reads "The Peach Kings draw their sound and inspiration from the smoky smooth crackle of blues, folk, and soul vinyls". Couldn't have put it better myself. Formed in San Francisco but now operating out of LA, there's a rustic charm about their sound. 

Fisherman - Single - The Peach Kings

The trip hop duo's debut album was the first to be released on Odd Future's label, Odd Future Records. So technically I guess they're not really that new and they're already pretty famous, being part of Tyler's crew and having already nailed remixes for Mikky Ekko, Charli XCX and Lana Del Rey. They are however, very talented, very exciting and rapidly on the rise.

The Internet

With similarities to current hype lovies CHVRCHES, electro synth pop quartet Kitten seem to be well placed to capitalise on the world infatuation with intelligent, glittery pop. Nice video too, featuring an Ellie Goulding hair cut. Very fashionable.

Cut It Out - EP - Kitten

Rich, melodic and with an effortlessly chilled demeanour, Wildcat! Wildcat! sound to me like a cross between Washed Out and Miike Snow. Mr Quiche is a brilliant track and the video is inspired. Be prepared to fall in love with this band.

Wildcat! Wildcat!

By far the most famous members of this list and unashamedly loved by this blog, The Neighbourhood had one of the best songs of 2012 and are one of the most exciting new bands out there, mixing melodic pop, hip hop vibes and guitars seamlessly. Their debut album is eagerly awaited this year. 

The Neighbourhood

Ghost Loft is building a reputation for clean, polished electronic music with groove and atmosphere but he has surprising versatility. The brilliant Seconds first featured here but the track that brought him to many peoples attention was the remix of The Neighbourhood's Let It Go (here), which flexed more than a subtle hint of hip hop and trap.

Seconds - Single - Ghost Loft

Haleek Maul, Ulrik

From Barbados via NYC, 16 year old emcee and production prodigy Haleek Maul's Clams Casino produced cut 'Ulrik' tickles the dark underbelly of hip hop with incredible ambience and haunting presence.

Oxyconteen EP is out now on Merok.

Oxyconteen - EP - Haleek Maul

London Grammar, Metal & Dust

Springing from seemingly nowhere, London Grammar were suddenly commanding the hype juggernaut when the brilliant 'Hey Now' was unveiled a couple of months ago. Metal & Dust has continued the excited buzz surrounding the London band, with similarities to a modern day Massive Attack being suggested.

Their debut 7" of Hey Now, Metal & Dust is available to pre-order here. Released on 25th February 2013 on Metal & Dust Recordings.

Gold Fields, Dark Again (Penguin Prison Remix)

Ahead of the launch of their debut EP 'Black Sun', Australian five piece Gold Fields have put together a collection of remixes of 'Dark Again' and this steady house reworking from Penguin Prison induces relentless foot-tapping.

Black Sun is available to pre-order now in Australia and USA only. Released on 26th February 2013.

Black Sun - Gold Fields

Olivia Sebastianelli, Rose Of Stone

London based Olivia Sebastianelli will seduce you with this airy, breathy, atmospheric and beautiful track. 'Rose Of Stone' builds tension and anticipation as it smoulders along for the quickest four and a half minutes ever.


Shields, Pharaohs (SBTRKT cover)

Newcastle indie synth band Shields have done their own interpretation of SBTRKT's Pharaohs, staying pretty true to the original (masks and all) while putting their own stamp on it and making a proper bona fide music video to boot.

Their Kaleidoscope EP features Pharaohs and the excellent Miserly and is available now through Riverman Recordings.

Kaleidoscope EP - SHIELDS

Kendrick Lamar, The Jig Is Up

Kendrick Lamar gave this out for free when good kid, m.A.A.d city sold over 200 000 copies. Produced by J. Cole and Canei Finch it's well worth a blast in exchange for, well, nothing.

If you like this then the Kill Them With Colour remix of Bitch Don't Kill My Vibe is essential, one of the best remixes of a great track you're going to hear this year and it's just here.

Redlight, Safe From Harm

Having a rave tonight to celebrate the weekend? You'll need this big bass house track if you are. You won't even need to pay a thing if you like Redlight's facebook page either.

Toro Y Moi, Say That

Hailing from South Carolina, Chazwick Bradley Bundick aka Toro Y Moi rose to prominence with the exploding chillwave movement a couple of years ago. This is not chillwave, a genre he's keen to evolve away from. Funky bass, rich analogue synths, choppy sampled vocals and a bang-on-the-money tidy beat lay down for some soulfully soft vocals. Smash happy remix below too.

Say That is out now on Carpark Records.

Say That - Anything In Return

Ghost Loft, Seconds

2013 has started with some pretty outrageously good electronic music and LA producer Ghost Loft carries that on with an impossibly cool strut-athon of a tune. Warped vocal samples, a subtle picking riff and a relentless chilled head nod. 

Check out his remix of The Neighbourhood too.

Seconds is out now.

Seconds - Single - Ghost Loft

Lapalux, BETHR

Lazy sounding beats, warm but twisted vocals and crackling electro bubbles, 25 year old Essex based producer Lapalux blends mesmerising melancoly, chillwave, soulful R n B and electronic skits on this pre-album teaser. Pigeon hole at your peril. 

Lapalux's debut album Nostalchic comes out on 26th March 2013 on Brainfeeder.

Local Natives, Heavy Feet

Delicate but purposeful, 'Heavy Feet' is melodic, catchy, organic and just really, really good. LA five piece Local Natives are likely to break mainstream heavy rotation with this little gem.

Heavy Feet is out now on Infectious Music.

Heavy Feet - Single - Local Natives

Banks, Before I Ever Met You

Los Angeles based singer Banks featured on Lil Silva's Work and now she's making waves of her own with this steady-beat head-nodder, depicting a broken relationship with crushing honesty and a powerfully controlled vocal.

Before I Ever Met You is out now on Good Years Recordings.

Before I Ever Met You - Fall Over - EP


Rich synth textures, warm catchy melodies and a monster of a hook; Scottish trio CHVRCHES follow the brilliant The Mother We Share with an even better slice of electro pop.

Recover is out now on Virgin Records.

Recover - Single - CHVRCHES

James Blake, Retrograde

He's been away from the spotlight for a couple of years, plotting his return and piecing together the material to build on his critically acclaimed debut. If Retrograde is anything to go by it's a strong return to form with trademark delicate vocals, minimalistic breathing space and a surprisingly big, rasping synth cranking the atmosphere. A powerful, building and ghostly electronic track to welcome back James Blake.

New album Overgrown will be released on 8th April 2013 through Republic. Retrograde is released today.

Retrograde - Single - James Blake

Sir Sly, Gold

LA trio Sir Sly combine the accessible pop melodies of Coldplay with the hip hop infused production and vocal delivery of The Neighbourhood, comparisons to the latter give the clearest indication of where Sir Sly's sound sits.

Ghost (with fantastic B side Gold) is out now on National Anthem/Neon Gold.

Ghost - Single - Sir Sly

Ibn Inglor, GawdsSpeed

Chicago emcee Ibn Inglor's free mixtape is essential for anyone who wants to explore the darker underbelly of the atmospheric, mysterious brand of hip hop made so successful over the last year or so. (P&P)

The production is bang on and current and stand out track Hermes (Runnin') samples Tinashe's brilliant Boss.

'Heads Down' isn't on the mixtape but is available for free and features one of the most in-demand producers in hip hop on board and Clams Casino + Ibn Inglor definitely makes good results.

Pretty Heart, Toy

Ohio's Morgan Holliger aka Pretty Heart makes dark electro pop reminiscent of Bat For Lashes, Bjork and possibly some of Ellie Goulding's less pop moments. With sparse and basic production, Toy gives plenty of space to the airy, haunting vocal. 

Get into it for free courtesy of Pretty Heart's bandcamp.


This may just be the perfect song to ease hungover Sunday morning heads into the world, LUUUL's Lost sounds like a warm, comforting chillwave breeze with a sweet, freshly baked Belgian fragrance.

(Thanks Golden Scissors).

The Underachievers, New New York

Issa Dash and Ak are The Underachievers, members of the New York Beast Coast movement housing Joey Bada$$ et al who signed to Flying Lotus' label last year. 

'New New York' is featured on their 17 track mixtape which you can get for free if you Click here.

Anna Calvi, The Wall

Sombre, sparse, ethereal and haunting, 'The Wall' builds and builds and builds, from delicate beginnings to crashing drums and back. Brought to you courtesy of London's very talented and arty Anna Calvi.

Chase & Status (Mac Miller Remix)

Neither Chase & Status nor Mac Miller need much of an introduction. This track is essentially Miller dropping some rhymes over 'Flashing Lights', and doing it well. 

Volume on high, kick your weekend off with this little freebie.

Alek Fin, Waiting Like a Wolf

With the experimental electronics of later Radiohead, subtle yet relentless percussive drive and ambient vocals and melodic guitar picking, 'Waiting Life a Wolf' is quietly brilliant.

If you like this from the California based Alek Fin, his 'Mull' EP is available now.

Dominic Lord, Old English

19 year old New York emcee Dominic Lord comes from a background in designing clothes and is a one time affiliate of fellow Harlem hip hop crew A$AP. Having worked with a plethora of big name producers from Hudson Mohawke to Stargate and Benny Blanco, Lord is in the right place to make the most of being a well dressed hip hop contemporary at a time when NYC is reclaiming rap. 'Old English' is free below, tell your friends.

Candide, Scaredy Cat

According to their facebook page, Candide were "conceived in Berlin, played in NYC", are now Brooklyn based and make really good, ambient house music. 'Scaredy Cat' is a really good electro synth pop tune. Get it for free below.