The Neighbourhood, Let it go

Like most people, we became pretty much hooked on Californian five piece 'The Neighbourhood' as soon as the first listen of 'Sweater Weather' was over. 

'Let it go' continues the band's signature art noire video tradition with pristine production, hip-hop infused, beat based instrumentation and instant, contagious chorus. Probably America's hottest new band and perfectly justified at that.

'Let it go' is released on 14th January 2013 on Columbia Records.

Last Lynx, Killing Switch

Sounding nothing like the sinister title might suggest, 'Killing Switch' grooves more like Miike Snow's cuter, more innocent little cousin with a retro swagger. Slow head nodding, steady strut in motion, the pop gem of the chorus brings the substance to match the Stockholm group's style. A mellow, ambient indie-electro-pop soundtrack to contemplation.

'Killing Switch' is available now through SoFo Records.

BE/\R FVCE, Taste my sad

In just over three weeks BE/\R FVCE's Soundcloud page has managed to rake in just short of 100k plays of his deep, slow groove remix of Justin Timberlake's 'My Love'. Ciaran McDonald, nineteen year old producer, creative alias creator, momentum generator and Belfast resident drops big beats which would work for Kanye, Jamie XX, Warehouse Project, late night specialist radio shows and daytime pop playlists alike. 'Taste my sad' reminds me of Kendrick Lemar's 'Swimming Pool' beat only with pitch shifted choppy vocals, spacey reverberating bass and a more chillwave-future beat vibe. 

As cool beats, steady head nods and ethereal sways lead the (understated) charge to fill the post dubstep void, BE/\R FVCE should be a heavy weight contender.

Beat_Tape EP is available now as a self release and features 'Taste my sad'.

Pilots, Firework Drawn

Passing similarities to The Rapture, Foals and Mutemath puts Austrian quartet 'Pilots' in a good place in my book and fans of those bands may well find interest in their debut album 'Gravity, Oh'. My personal favourite, 'Firework Drawn' was made available for free as the album's double lead single. 

Gravity, Oh is available now through House Of Tigers

Nicolas Jaar, Play the drums for me

New York producer Nicolas Jaar has put together a slick, slow burning piece of impossible cool which would soundtrack a trip to the trendiest club the meatpacking district can offer. Poetry with a steady house beat which builds by merely raising an eyebrow towards the end, this is a real gem and I don't even need to mention the inspiring title. 

'Play the drums for me' is available as an album track only and features on Get Lost V, available now on Crosstown Rebels.

SWIM, Ride

There aren't many tracks that make me hit play over and over again but SWIM are definitely on to a winner with Ride. The London two-piece are producing sparkling electro pop and Ride sounds like a Friendly Fires-esq carefree summer time shimmer with a dance beat. A really good, fun new band.

Ride is out now on Bad Life.

Roses Gabor, Stars

Signed to Toddla T's label, Roses Gabor builds on her impressive collaboration CV (SBTRKT, Redlight, Jakwob, Shy FX) to put out this jagged, angular track to mix up clubs and ipods alike. Reflective yet energetic sounding with chopped up vocals, punctuating rhythms and layered synth richness, Gabor's debut single suggests a clamour of taste-makers eager to include her on their 'Sounds of 2013' tip lists.

Stars in out on 12th November 2012 on Girls Music.

There's also a free Roses Gabor mix tape available:

Deco Child, S&G

Oxford's Deco Child put this magnificent track out in June and we were banging on about it all summer. Huge tune and definitely a summer soundtrack. Tribal like percussion, hauntingly subtle vocals reminiscent of Total Life Forever and pulsing synth strings, this is euphoric but not in a shit trance way. Very excited for more material from DC.

S&G is available now through Ninja Tune.

Santiago Street Machine, Sinking Stone

Manchester's Santiago Street Machine mix synths, beats, drops and fat bass with live 'actual real people' skills. Great vocals, moshing bass player, keys and pounding drums bring their electronic based music to life. Sinking Stone soars and parties in the chorus, making me wonder why more people aren't making pop songs this sexy. 

Sinking Stone is available now through Hijacker Records.

Alt J, Remixes

Congratulations to Alt J on winning the 2012 Mercury Prize with An Awesome Wave. Get stuck into a couple of free remixes by Cry Wolf and Breton:

Download Alt-J Breezeblocks (Cry Wolf Remix)

Download Alt-J Fitzpleasure (bretonLABS Ghost Remix)

An Awesome wave is available now through Infectious Music: