2013: One's To Watch

It's that time of year, everyone wants to turn round in a year's time saying they told you so. Rather than try to predict who's going to dominate the charts next year the Drums Eat Everything 'One's To Watch' is a list of some of the most exciting breaking bands you're going to want to know about. No chart positions, just great new music to explore:

The Neighbourhood
How this California five piece aren't on more 2013 hit lists is beyond me. Started as a band with guitars playing hip-hop, they are quick to dispel the indie band tag, seeing themselves as much more genre blending, with hints of the so-hot-right-now R 'n B revival. The Neighbourhood sound like the only guitar band who could shake dance music's dominance, just a little.

Their debut album comes out on Columbia in March. 


The Neighbourhood

Joey Bada$$

17 year old Brooklyn rapper Joey Bada$$ has been causing a huge stir over the last few months, with many declaring him one of the most talented emcee's to emerge from New York City in years. Unlike fellow New Yorkers A$AP and Odd Future, Bada$$'s tracks are heavily sampled and make no claims to be futuristic boundary pushers, with actual-back-in-the-day 70's and 80's hip hop samples giving his tunes a vintage feel, albeit with reprogrammed beats. His flow is natural and the high school kid's name is getting more renowned.

Joey Bada$$

Santiago Street Machine
Manchester trio mixing hooky songwriting craft with dance beats, deep bass and soaring synths. 

They strive to be different with their live band/club mash ups and extra curricular activities, which include; label bosses (Hijacker Records), promoters (Santiago Street Machine Presents), festival coordinators (UV Festival), remixers (credits include Alt J and Beardyman) and DJ sets.

With their debut album set to drop in the spring on Hijacker Records, expect exciting things.

Santiago Street Machine

Saint Lou Lou

Not the first Scandinavian pop act to feature on this blog and no doubt not the last, sisters Elektra and Miranda Kilbey have grown up flitting between neighbouring Denmark and Australia. Darkness and summer consequently influence the music they're making now that they're bored since finishing school. Strong cheekbones, thunderous yearning and 'a depressed tATu' are all tags quite rightly thrown at them and their rich melodic mastery.

They plan on moving to London to finish their album which we can expect some time in 2013, courtesy of Kitsuné.

Saint Lou Lou

DJ Carnage
Collaborations with A$AP Rocky, Waka Flocka Flame, Chris Brown and Dev have helped LA based Carnage get his name about. Couple that with the rise of Trap as the next chapter in EDM's world domination and you've got a guy who's already been labelled the next super producer. Half time beats, hip hop vibes, drops and heavy bass = Big.


There's an air of Fleetwood Mac-y folk infused retro-pop from these LA sisters, mixed with some warm organs, percussive jitters and wide-as-you-like breathy vocals. Effortless pop which sounds like it's come from a sunny place. Funny than.

Haim's debut album is out in the spring of 2013 on Polydor.

.... and that's your lot. See you on the other side.

2012 - The Top Ten.

So here we are at the end of our maiden year; reflecting on a years music with a fondness in our hearts, a whisky in our hand and a taste maker in our ear, already enthusing about 2013's next big thing. Before indulging in that particular spot of bandwagon mounting we present our views on the most exciting music to tickle our enthusiasm through the year just past (or passing).

This is our first ever chart which lists, in reverse order for maximum tension and anticipation, our favourite songs of the year. No reviews, no justification, just numbers, itunes links, beats and melodies. Get your popcorn, we go in at number 10:


Santigold, 'Disparate Youth'.

Disparate Youth - Master of My Make-Believe


Solange, 'Losing You'.

Losing You - Single - Solange


Foals, 'Inhaler'.

Inhaler - Holy Fire


Bat For Lashes, 'Laura'.

Laura - Single - Bat for Lashes


Aluna George, 'You Know You Like It'.

You Know You Like It - You Know You Like It - EP


Kendrick Lamar, 'Swimming Pools (Drank)'.

Swimming Pools (Drank) - Single - Kendrick Lamar


Sky Ferriera, 'Everything is Embarrassing'.

Sky Ferreira


Polica, 'Dark Star'.

Dark Star - Give You the Ghost


Frank Ocean, 'Lost'.

Lost - Channel ORANGE


The Neighbourhood, 'Sweater Weather'.

 Sweater Weather - I'm Sorry... - EP

So there we are. Some painful emissions from that list include Grizzly Bear, Dott Rotten, Polica (Lay Your Cards Out), TNGHT, Jessie Ware, Jai Paul, M.I.A. and Mac Miller. If we weren't so brutal we would have done a top 20 but faffing gets you nowhere.

Drums Eat Everything's tips for 2013 will be up soon. Re-stock your popcorn and whisky as appropriate. 

SBTRKT and Frank Ocean, Whip Appeal

SBTRKT described this as something he just threw together before a Williamsburg show. Big crashy balls-out drums, filthy bass synth, fat production and one of the finest R'nB voices out there. If you're a fan of these guys this doesn't disappoint. Get involved.



Geroge Ezra, It's Just My Skin

Acoustic singer-songwriters haven't featured in Drums Eat Everything yet because we've been waiting for something special to break our duck. Bristol based George Ezra brings his sublime song and husky, smoke filled voice to you for free when you visit his website and drop an email address in the box. Stream below, download here.


Metric, Breathing Underwater

Toronto based Metric are probably too famous to feature in a new music blog like this. But, when you consider the independence with which they've carved out huge success and hear the monster hook of the chorus for 'Breathing Underwater', the editorial process becomes much less selective.

Metric self-released their last album on five continents without a record label and earned multiple radio hits around the world in the process. They went on to sell over a million singles and 500,000 albums worldwide. They have featured in the soundtracks to Scott Pilgrim v The World and The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, the later earned them a Grammy nomination to go with the Academy Award nomination they got for co-writing the theme song for the same film. All with no label. Impressed? Me too.

'Breathing Underwater' is out now on Metric Productions.

Breathing Underwater - Synthetica


Game ft. Scarface and Kendrick Lemar, Murder

Game's new album 'Jesus Piece' drops today and this track, featuring Scarface and man of the moment Kendrick Lemar, won't be on it. He's giving it to you for free and wants you to subtly jam it into the album when you get it, as indicated by the red marker pen arrow on the artwork. 

A strong year for hip-hop comes to a close with something good for free. Maybe it's not true what they say about rappers...

'Jesus Piece' is out now on DGC/Interscope.
Jesus Piece - Game

Jessie Ware, Sweet Talk (Cyril Hahn Remix)

It's been a whirlwind year for Jessie Ware, from go-to female vocalist for beat makers in the ascendancy to first lady of UK dance 'n B (yes I did just coin that genre). 

It's also been a big year for those remixing Ware's beats. Disclosure's huge remix of 'Running' pretty much put them on the map earlier this year.

Cyril Hahn will be hoping his strong but simple 4/4 house remix of 'Sweet Talk' has similar success, although the Swiss born Canadian resident isn't short of fans himself with his much celebrated remix of Destiny's Child's 'Say My Name' raking in over half a million Soundcloud plays. His version of one of the song's of the year, 'Losing You' by Solange is well worth a free download too.


LULS, Young

For anyone who fancies a Foals-Silver Sun Pickups mash up, 'Young' has an anthemic chorus and haunting guitars and is yours for less than the price of, well, anything.

The London trio have recently toured with Spector and Crystal Castles, expect to see them in a few 'Sound of 2013' lists. Good new band.

Swing Low/Young is available now from paradYse recordsSwing Low / Young - Single - LULS


Niva, Dirty Water

The amount of great, melodic, electronic pop music to have been coming out of Scandinavia  more specifically Sweden, over the last couple of years is frightening.

Ambient, ethereal, lazy disco, chillwave, dream pop, escapism; 'Dirty Water' is singer-producer Niva at his creative best.

'Dirty Water, is available now through Something In Construction.  
Dirty Water - Single - Niva nivamusic.com

The Death Rays Of Ardilla, Daggers

We've posted a fair bit of production-heavy dance music and grimy hip hop lately but have been crying out for some sleazy, gritty, filthy rock to keep guitarist and drummers inspired and in turn keep guitar and drums shops in business. It all comes back to basic economics, you see? 

Sheffield brother duo 'The Death Rays Of Ardilla' have a gloriously intriguing name and a sound which is well made, energetic, compelling and yet still total dirt. They are a hairy, tattooed salmon with ten distortion pedals swimming against a tide of EDM. Good luck, the economy is on your shoulders.

Double A-side Diamonds/Daggers is available now from Rough Trade as a limited edition 10".


The Neighbourhood, Let it go

Like most people, we became pretty much hooked on Californian five piece 'The Neighbourhood' as soon as the first listen of 'Sweater Weather' was over. 

'Let it go' continues the band's signature art noire video tradition with pristine production, hip-hop infused, beat based instrumentation and instant, contagious chorus. Probably America's hottest new band and perfectly justified at that.

'Let it go' is released on 14th January 2013 on Columbia Records.


Last Lynx, Killing Switch

Sounding nothing like the sinister title might suggest, 'Killing Switch' grooves more like Miike Snow's cuter, more innocent little cousin with a retro swagger. Slow head nodding, steady strut in motion, the pop gem of the chorus brings the substance to match the Stockholm group's style. A mellow, ambient indie-electro-pop soundtrack to contemplation.

'Killing Switch' is available now through SoFo Records.


BE/\R FVCE, Taste my sad

In just over three weeks BE/\R FVCE's Soundcloud page has managed to rake in just short of 100k plays of his deep, slow groove remix of Justin Timberlake's 'My Love'. Ciaran McDonald, nineteen year old producer, creative alias creator, momentum generator and Belfast resident drops big beats which would work for Kanye, Jamie XX, Warehouse Project, late night specialist radio shows and daytime pop playlists alike. 'Taste my sad' reminds me of Kendrick Lemar's 'Swimming Pool' beat only with pitch shifted choppy vocals, spacey reverberating bass and a more chillwave-future beat vibe. 

As cool beats, steady head nods and ethereal sways lead the (understated) charge to fill the post dubstep void, BE/\R FVCE should be a heavy weight contender.

Beat_Tape EP is available now as a self release and features 'Taste my sad'.


Pilots, Firework Drawn

Passing similarities to The Rapture, Foals and Mutemath puts Austrian quartet 'Pilots' in a good place in my book and fans of those bands may well find interest in their debut album 'Gravity, Oh'. My personal favourite, 'Firework Drawn' was made available for free as the album's double lead single. 

Gravity, Oh is available now through House Of Tigers


Nicolas Jaar, Play the drums for me

New York producer Nicolas Jaar has put together a slick, slow burning piece of impossible cool which would soundtrack a trip to the trendiest club the meatpacking district can offer. Poetry with a steady house beat which builds by merely raising an eyebrow towards the end, this is a real gem and I don't even need to mention the inspiring title. 

'Play the drums for me' is available as an album track only and features on Get Lost V, available now on Crosstown Rebels.


SWIM, Ride

There aren't many tracks that make me hit play over and over again but SWIM are definitely on to a winner with Ride. The London two-piece are producing sparkling electro pop and Ride sounds like a Friendly Fires-esq carefree summer time shimmer with a dance beat. A really good, fun new band.

Ride is out now on Bad Life.


Roses Gabor, Stars

Signed to Toddla T's label, Roses Gabor builds on her impressive collaboration CV (SBTRKT, Redlight, Jakwob, Shy FX) to put out this jagged, angular track to mix up clubs and ipods alike. Reflective yet energetic sounding with chopped up vocals, punctuating rhythms and layered synth richness, Gabor's debut single suggests a clamour of taste-makers eager to include her on their 'Sounds of 2013' tip lists.

Stars in out on 12th November 2012 on Girls Music.

There's also a free Roses Gabor mix tape available:


Deco Child, S&G

Oxford's Deco Child put this magnificent track out in June and we were banging on about it all summer. Huge tune and definitely a summer soundtrack. Tribal like percussion, hauntingly subtle vocals reminiscent of Total Life Forever and pulsing synth strings, this is euphoric but not in a shit trance way. Very excited for more material from DC.

S&G is available now through Ninja Tune.


Santiago Street Machine, Sinking Stone

Manchester's Santiago Street Machine mix synths, beats, drops and fat bass with live 'actual real people' skills. Great vocals, moshing bass player, keys and pounding drums bring their electronic based music to life. Sinking Stone soars and parties in the chorus, making me wonder why more people aren't making pop songs this sexy. 

Sinking Stone is available now through Hijacker Records.


Alt J, Remixes

Congratulations to Alt J on winning the 2012 Mercury Prize with An Awesome Wave. Get stuck into a couple of free remixes by Cry Wolf and Breton:

Download Alt-J Breezeblocks (Cry Wolf Remix)

Download Alt-J Fitzpleasure (bretonLABS Ghost Remix)

An Awesome wave is available now through Infectious Music:


S O H N, Red lines

London based Austrian producer-singer S O H N has put together this sublimely cool piece of a chillwave slow jam. Sounding a little like Thom Yorke with some glitchy, SBTRKT-esq clickedy-clap-beep percussion, soulful bass lines, lush synths and an understated soaring chorus, this is one to kick back to.


Dan Croll, From Nowhere

Dan Croll has a cool website, wears hipster glasses, plays guitar and sings. I don't care what else he does because this track proves that 2012's guitar music CAN be interesting and doesn't have to be a relentless barrage of strum-strum-bloody-strum. Thank you Mr Croll for taking the fight to The Vaccines. All hail guitar pop, once again. 

While you're in itunes get yourself a copy of the Casio Kids remix of From Nowhere. Can't find the full track to stream but it's an awesome remix.

From Nowhere is available now as a self release.

Sky Ferreira, Everything is Embarrassing

I really should have posted this a month ago having first seen the video. I'm absolutely not a fan of the 80's sounds revival; smooth synth strings, massive reverberating analogue drum machines and slap bass would usually make me run to Tulisa screaming "All is forgiven!" at the top of my lungs. Slight exaggeration. However, despite the vintage cool which would usually turn me off, the huuuuuuuge, warm, lush chorus sucked me right in and I don't know if I'll ever come out. 

This track was co-written and produced by Dev Hynes and Ariel Rechtshaid. It's little surprise that the 20 year old electro-pop singer songwriter from L.A. is working with, amongst others, Paul Epworth on her debut album given that by 15 she was friends with Michael Jackson and had already worked with Britney Spears' producers.

Everything is Embarrassing is featured on Ghost EP, available now through Capitol. 

Get lost in this:

Bat For Lashes (live)

Bat For Lashes (live):
Manchester Cathedral, Manchester. Tuesday 23rd October 2012.

Manchester turned out on a muggy night to see Bat For Lashes put on a flawless show in a spectacular venue. Churches are renowned for providing flattering reverb to live music and Manchester Cathedral is no different. There was a bit of an all-night tussle for viewing positions as the huge stone columns made massive chunks of the venue incapable of providing a view but those who could see were in for a treat. 

By this point Natasha Khan has become a truly encapsulating performer, spending the whole night replicating the beat of her music through body popping and shoulder shuffles, with a big excited grin the whole time. Pitch perfect vocals were backed by tasteful piano, cello, harpsichord... oh, and beats, synths and sub-bass, all rattling out from in front of the imposing alter. 

From the stunning piano ballad 'Laura' to the trademark synth-pop of 'Pearls Dream' the entire congregation was enthralled throughout. It's remarkable how effortlessly the group can shift between quirky and pop, 'Daniel' doesn't sound at all like the sell-out of the set because commercial awareness and artistic integrity are balanced so well. Touring in support of her third album 'The Haunted Man' there was a good chunk of brand new songs which bring optimism to those who haven't yet heard the record. 

New single 'All Your Gold' is out now on The Echo Label:

Fenech Soler, All I know

Fenech Soler are back with their first new sounds from their eagerly awaited second album, due to drop in Spring 2013. All I Know picks up where Lies, Stop And Stare and Demons left off, bringing sparkly catchy indie-dance-pop with typically catchy melodies and synth innovation. There are not enough bands mixing electronic music with live musicians like this but when it's done this well it's very, very good. Encouraging signs.

All I Know comes out on 19th October 2012 through Warner Music.

Darkstar, Timeaway

Post-dubstep trio Darkstar return with their first material since 2010's Hyperdub release 'North'. Coincidentally the band went North to write their follow up record in the Yorkshire countryside and with the album scheduled for 2013 they announced that "Timeaway' feels like a good starting point to releasing music again, it's very much us looking forward."

Timeaway centres around a stuttering chimey music box melody with haunting layered vocals and a short and sweet format. It's easy to see similarities to Flying Lotus and later Radiohead, a significant evolution from the bands early sound.

Timeaway comes out on 12" on 12th November 2012 on Warp.


The XX, Do You Mind (Derek Walin Remix)

Don't say I never give you anything! Derek Walin has done a brilliant house remix of The XX's 'Do you mind'. 

You have to like his Facebook page to get it, but you can see if it's worth it for free:

Roosevelt, Sea

Cologne based Roosevelt is releasing his first single through Berlin-London label Greco-Roman. 'Sea' is a warm slice of shimmery summer indie-pop, not dissimilar to the type of high quality pop with brains which gave The Shoes such a big leg-up last year following the release of Stay The Same. Roosevelt is currently on the road around Europe with label mate Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs.

If you're wishing it was still summer and that you were sat outside with your Raybans and a beer in a park with a lake (semi-submerged shopping trolley optional), or if you like dogs, check the Instagram inspired video.

Sea is available now through Greco-Roman.

Flume, Sleepless (featuring Jezzabell Doran)

There's so much good stuff out right now that you're getting two posts today, four tracks total. Spoiling you. Sydney's Flume mix a good song with good sounds, this steady pace indie dance foot tapper delivers a ton of interest and excitement with its mashed up vocals and warm tones. Evoking memories of Washed Out this is an act well worth keeping an eye on.

Sleepless features Jezzabell Doran and is available now through Future Classics Records. 

Cosmo&Patt, who have remixed for Flying Lotus and Skrillex amongst others, have done a pretty awesome remix too which is well worth checking out.


Duke Dumont and Extra Curricular

London deep-house heavyweight Duke Dumont has teamed up with Yorkshire soul groovers Extra Curricular to deliver a big old stomper of a club smash. A regular at the likes of Fabric, Razzmatazz and Bugged Out, Dumont has long been a well respected club DJ and producer.

No Money Blues is out now on Turbo Recordings.


Extra Curricular also collaborated with Doorly earlier this year and put out this great track. Soulful vocals, great groves, chunky brass and analogue house synths. Get it now through Pigeonhole This! and look out for them on the festival circuit next summer.


Angel Haze, New York

Michigan-born, Brooklyn-based MC Angel Haze imposes her fierce attitude on anyone she can in her break out single. A Gil Scott-Heron sampled hand clap beat and distant subs drive the track to it chorus hook, modestly declaring "I run New York". That's New York, as in the home of rap, currently resided by someone called Jay Z. Don't interpret my sarcasm as cynicism, ambition should be admired and, at least with brawling up-coming street rappers, it should be expected. 

Her attitude to her competitors is similarly mild mannered. "Basically I killed all these other bitches," she declared, "They're irrelevant, they're squashed, they're done." Fast internet driven success has drawn comparisons to Azealia Banks and Nicki Minaj, hopefully Haze will snub Guetta's calls and have more than one big track in her. The fast-as-you-can-spit of 'Werkin Girls' would suggest less disappointment from this rap hype princess.

Both tracks are taken from "Reservation", available now through Noizy Cricket!!/Universal Republic:


Stay +, Crashed (feat Queenie)

Stay + (also referred to as Stay Positive and Stay Plus) received a bit of stick in their infancy. First they had to change their name from Christian AIDS following a sternly worded letter from the charity Christian Aid. Then WU LYF went big with their anti-media whispering campaign mystique chic resulting in the copycat tag being lumbered on fellow Manchester band Stay +. Thankfully they weren't deterred. 

One member of the band is purely a visual guy. 'Crashed' is their new single and it features Queenie, it's great dance music with brains and life. 

Available as a digital only release through Black Butter Recordings on 5th November 2012.


Poliça (live)

Poliça (live):
Webster Hall, NYC. Saturday 6th October 2012.

Hailing from Minneapolis, Minnesota 
Poliça (pronounced Police-a or Polika, who knows?) make ambient, soulful trip-hop infused R&B-Indie with electronic pulses and two drummers. 

Their singles are wonderful, the album is good but the live experience was a little underwhelming given that a significant chunk of their sound was not being played live. Admittedly there is only so much two drummers, a bassist and a singer can play but I can't help but wonder how special they could sound with extra tour hands fiddling with keyboards and samplers.

The title of this blog might have alerted you to our bias towards drums, and having two drum kits on stage is a huge plus, especially when used so tastefully, creatively and powerfully. The sound guy, perhaps understandably given the rarity of such a line-up, struggled to mix both kits initially but Poliça's drum-duo backed up some haunting vocals to magnificent effect. Bish. Bash. Bosh.


In our never ending hunt for the freshest new sounds, Drums Eat Everything will bring you the best new, breaking and under the radar music from around the world. 

Single, albums, EP's, live... great music delivered without waffle. 

If we love it we'll plug it.