Reso Remix, Becky Hill - Losing

Very probably the best remix of the year and if the music gods can rustle up enough justice, this should be bigger than Minaj's arse.

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Lion Babe ft Childish Gambino - Jump Hi

[ Record Of The Week ]

It's been almost two years since the pop perfection of Treat Me Like Fire shone a great big spotlight on NYC duo Lion Babe and they've finally followed it up with the soulful and infectious Jump Hi, which features generously buttery hooks and a verse from Childish Gambino. Did the weight of expectation on their second single crutch their creativity? Not on this showing. 

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Talos - Bloom

Cinematic and dramatic but with enough darkness seeping through to suggest they're going to keep things interesting.

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Huntar - Bitter

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Jake Hart - That Touch

New Jake Hart is always welcome and the brooding That Touch just surfaced with a fittingly lonely video, shot in Vegas. Excellent.

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Halos - Dust

[ Record Of The Week ]

Is it a band, a person, a project or just a plain old milk carton with access to garage band? Who knows but as sure as eggs are eggs, this is one of the records of the year from Halos.

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Moons Of Mars - Life Is A Mystery

Moons Of Mars are a Los Angeles brother duo with a BIG arty indie-rock anthem.

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Psychologist - Worlds Away

Weaving, mystical, odd-ball pop with enough creativity to sink a continent from London's Psychologist.


Tei Shi - Bassically

[ Record Of The Week ]

Sassy, breathy electro-pop from the new music gods with enough distorted quirks to keep you guessing, Bassically grows and builds every eight bars and by the time the first chorus hits you'll be in love with NYC's hugely under rated Tei Shi.

f Tei Shi.