Kevin Garrett - Coloring

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Outrageously melodic debut single from Pittsburgh via Brooklyn's Kevin Garrett.

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Black Honey - The Taste

Don't know anything about them but this tune is some serious bluesy guitar goodness alright.

t Black Honey

Moons Of Mars - Holiday

Consistently good tunes coming out of these guys right now.

f Moons Of Mars

2015: One's To Watch

It's that cold, expensive time of year again where every idiot with a broadband connection makes a fun list of bands and artists they hope and think will do well next year. So in no particular order, here's two playlists containing my 15 tips; Jack Garratt, Honne, Shura, Real Lies, Tala, Verite, One Bit, The Districts, Laurel, Panes, Tei Shi, Demob Happy, Cozz, The Hics and Fickle Friends:

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Sleeptalk - Cool

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The debut track from NYC trio Sleeptalk is Cool, literally and figuratively. Fans of Foals, feel free to foam at the mouth with excitement.

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NZCA LINES - New Atmosphere

[ Record Of The Week ]

Deep and dreamy synth-scape pop with an athletically snaking melody = bloody good.


Naomi Pilgrim - It's All Good

Song, hair and car... all awesome. Beat that.

f Naomi Pilgrim