Vérité - Strange Enough

Vérité's new one is three minute pop perfection.

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Nicholas Basquiat Remix, Avivaa - XX

This remix from Australian producer Nicholas Basquiat melts seductive dreamscapes and electronic glistenings but the real reason it's so good is because it drags the maximum out of the song, celebrates the vocal and actually goes somewhere, building and layering like so many remixers seem reluctant (or too shit) to do. Free download.

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Reid ft Slow Skies - Fractures

[ Record Of The Week ]

This has basically got everything; sysmic levels of bass, ethereal vocals, cool as shit ambience and a dance beat which doesn't sounds like every other house-by-numbers track out there. It's a Dublin dream team collaboration.

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Georgia - Digits

[ Record Of The Week ]

Glitchy, electronic beats with an industrial kick, vocals reminiscent of a soulful Warpaint in a chemical whirlwind and enough odd-ball creativity to draw inevitable Jai Paul comparisons, London's Georgia is my new favourite thing in existence.

If like me you're late to the party then Be Ache is below. Acquaint yourself.

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Fold - Human Again

Fold are from Leeds and sales of Human Again go to humanitarian aid charities (go here). Damn good music.

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Bad Sounds - Living Alone

[ Record Of The Week ]
Perfect summer indie pop with just enough crushed ice and bounce, Living Alone is this years Elevate and marks London duo Bad Sounds' entrance.

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Litany - Slopes

Sparse, minimalist electronica with woozy synths and ghostly soulful vocals, Slopes is the marvellous debut track from Harrogate duo, Litany. Free download.

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Authr - Breathe

[ Hot New Stuff ]

24 year old Londoner Couros, aka Authr has an impressive CV as a session guitarist and is breaking into the vibey electronic production game. The promising Breathe is the first track from his EP which will unveil itself throughout the remainder of the year.

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High Tyde - Karibu

[ Hot New Stuff ]

Coming in somewhere between The 1975, Friendly Fires and Coasts, this ridiculously summer indie pop shimmer Karibu from 17 year old Brighton four piece High Tyde is going straight onto the BBQ playlist.

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One Bit - Limitless

The production and snappy writing of previous tracks continues with Limitless but with this one they're flexing their charismatic vocals talents a little more. Completely on it.

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