J Tropic - Who U Are

Who U Are is the third track from Brighton producer J Tropic's debut EP, Love Up.

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Opium Twins - Home

Home is the luxuriously harmonious introduction to Opium Twins, the project two friends started from opposing sides of America.

Opium Twins

Reso Remix, Becky Hill - Losing

Very probably the best remix of the year and if the music gods can rustle up enough justice, this should be bigger than Minaj's arse.

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Lion Babe ft Childish Gambino - Jump Hi

[ Record Of The Week ]

It's been almost two years since the pop perfection of Treat Me Like Fire shone a great big spotlight on NYC duo Lion Babe and they've finally followed it up with the soulful and infectious Jump Hi, which features generously buttery hooks and a verse from Childish Gambino. Did the weight of expectation on their second single crutch their creativity? Not on this showing. 

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Talos - Bloom

Cinematic and dramatic but with enough darkness seeping through to suggest they're going to keep things interesting.

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Huntar - Bitter

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Jake Hart - That Touch

New Jake Hart is always welcome and the brooding That Touch just surfaced with a fittingly lonely video, shot in Vegas. Excellent.

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Halos - Dust

[ Record Of The Week ]

Is it a band, a person, a project or just a plain old milk carton with access to garage band? Who knows but as sure as eggs are eggs, this is one of the records of the year from Halos.

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Moons Of Mars - Life Is A Mystery

Moons Of Mars are a Los Angeles brother duo with a BIG arty indie-rock anthem.

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