Sarob - Desiderata

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Rob Tate is a 20 year old artist from Dayton, Ohio putting out fresh hip hop as Sarob. He's an effortlessly kick-ass rapper whose flow is so natural it defies his young years and whose intelligent rhymes are worth listening to; 

"I wrote it to demonstrate the tension between wanting worldly things, e.g. "bitches and money," and appreciating the undying and intrinsic value of music - and of yourself".

Desiderata is the laid-back, summer jam, boom-pap lead track from his debut album the down, due to drop later this year and it's a free download. Speaking of which, so is his 2014 mixtape noon. Get cozy with it.

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Lawrence Taylor - Waiting For Your Love

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Caramel guitar soul from 22 year old Birmingham-via-London newcomer, Lawrence Taylor.

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Racing Glaciers - What I Saw

Macclesfield's Racing Glaciers made a monstrous, arty indie rock juggernaut which just keeps growing until it dies.

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Day Wave - Drag

Day Wave is the one man recording project of 25 year old Oakland musician Jackson Phillips. Lo-fi and sun kissed, this should be the summer indie rock anthem of 2015.

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Henry Green - Barcelona

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This song is cut from the finest silk mmmmmm...

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Breakup - Roads To Rome,

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Flawless, shimmering pop music from Stockholm's Breakup(P&P)

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